Wednesday, September 11, 2019

September 10, 2019 meeting notes

Melisa Tigard gave a brief description of her running for Wenatchee School Board Position 1.

Nevada Black, Eagle Scout, gave a brief presentation to the club and thanked them for contributing to his Eagle Scout project at the Chelan County Fair Ground in Cashmere. The project was a Dog Park/Run. Nevada's mother also attended.


On September 24th all Rotarians are invited to Alatheia Therapeutic Riding Center for drinks, appetizers, tours, and a demonstration of a riding lesson.  The time is 5:30-7:30, and they would like a RSVP at:  Password is Rotary.

September 14 will be a clean-up/deck painting party at Lorraine Church's home (117 View Ridge Circle).  Meet at Bob's Classic in Wenatchee at 7:00 am, or at her house at 8:00.  Contact PJ Jones if you have questions.

Family of Rotary

Check out September birthdays and anniversaries in the right hand column.

Wayne Massing gave an update on Mansour Ravassipour's recent torn meniscus surgery. Mansour is back home resting with ice packs on his knee. The surgery went well.
Erik Holmberg told of his weather experience at Husky Stadium, and mourned the loss to California.
John McDarment bragged about the Seahawks win.
Pete Blanksma bragged about the WSU win, and all the Cougars paid a buck.
Kaitlyn Vanweerdhuizen has a new kitty.


Earl Crowe and Kaitlyn Vanweerdhuizen gave the program on the duties of the coroner's office and funeral homes.  It was enlightening, and Erik said they "killed it".  Earl discussed some of the cases and challenges he has had over the years.  There are only two coroners in Chelan County, and a prosecutor for Douglas County. They investigated over 450 deaths last year alone. These included those by natural causes, accidents, suicides (11), and homicides (0).
Kaitlyn discussed life working in the funeral home business.  They move the bodies from place of death to the funeral home or other facility.  Their duties include dealing with the deceased and their families, and state obligations.

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