Wednesday, July 29, 2020

July 28 Meeting Notes

President Earl Crowe opened the meeting at 7 am with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and Milt Herman lead the Club Members with the Invocation.


Kathleen McNalty announced that on Saturday, August 1st, 7-11 am. our Goathead Warrior volunteers will meet to cut and pull the goathead weeds in South Wenatchee (exact location is TBD, and you will receive an email if you put your name on the volunteer list. Volunteers should wear sturdy shoes or boots, and  bring heavy duty gloves (The goatheads are sharp!). Shovels are provided. Be prepared to be outdoors for a few hours with sun protection and water bottles. It might be beneficial to have your hands free, so a small day pack or fanny pack comes in handy to carry a water bottle. To volunteer, contact Kathleen McNalty. More information on the exact location will be provided prior to Aug. 1st. Wear your Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary Club "Rotarian At Work" T-shirt! (If you need one, let Earl know.)

Kathleen also said she attended the Wenatchee Valley Farmers Market at Pybus Public Market this last Saturday to get a sense of what we'd be doing as volunteers there. She helped hand out face masks on Saturday, but said there might be more to do later on (post CoVid). She and Taro Masuda are asking other Rotary Clubs to join ours as volunteers assisting with carry-outs, clean up, etc. It would get the Rotary name and logo in front of the public. Our dates for Rotary to "take over the market" are Saturday, Aug. 22nd, Saturday, Sept. 19th, and Saturday, Oct. 17th. Wear your Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary Club "Rotarian At Work" T-shirt! (If you need one, let Earl know.)

Jim Adamson asked for club volunteers to be mentors for our 9 selected Challenge Scholars for this year. We have had mentors previously vetted and trained and would like those will mentoring experience to step forward again to help out. Those who have not been trained will get trained by Jim A.  President Earl said he has been talking with the Washington State Patrol to get free background checks for our mentees to work with our scholarship recipients.

Brags and Confessions:

President Earl Crowe said his daughter Lucy got a letter from the Wenatchee School District saying there would be no in-person classes this Fall; only on-line classes. His daughter Emma is attending Central Washington University in Ellensburg, is living on campus in a dormitory, and is attending on-line classes there. Kaity VanWeerdhuizen, Earl's daughter, recently bought an Ellensburg toy store's inventory and is now selling it online.

Carol and Jim Adamson had been in Oregon to attend their oldest grandson's graduation party. He has been accepted at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon.

Wayne Massing sold his 1995 Ford Explorer (called the "Exploder") that had 219,000 miles on it. He's owned it for over 20 years! A Vietnam Veteran is the newer owner!

Rotary Moment:

Wayne Massing, Club Sargent-at-Arms, presented the Rotary Moment on "Rotary Action Groups". The RAGs are independent, Rotary-affiliated groups made up of people from around the world who are experts in a particular field, such as economic development, peace, addiction prevention, the environment, or water.

Action groups offer their technical expertise and support to help clubs plan and implement projects to increase our impact, one of Rotary's strategic priorities.

Some examples of the Rotary strategic priorities and related RAGs are: Promoting peaceDomestic Violence Prevention RAG; Fighting diseaseAddiction Prevention RAG, Alzheimer's/Dementia RAG, Diabetes RAG; Providing clean water and sanitation, Water and Sanitation RAG.

Probably one of the most notable Rotary Action Groups is the one to eradicate Polio.


Sam Mack introduced Nicole Begin, a local realtor, to give a prospective of the real estate market and sales of the Wenatchee Valley during the CoVid-19 pandemic.

Nicole Begin has been a realtor with the local John L. Scott Real Estate office for 3 years. Her background in interior design and construction.

Wenatchee Valley real estate inventory is down slightly; possibly because of the CoVid crisis. New construction is up over 51% from this time in 2019. Recent property sales have resulted in bidding wars.

Sales of the most sought-after Wenatchee properties are in the $360k median price. Properties in the $550k-$850k range have increased 180%. Most of those buyers are from the Seattle area, and are older retirees! Most homes sales have been in the 1800 square foot size with a 2 car garage. The trend is for builders to build homes in the 1300-1800 square foot range, as opposed to the "McMansion" built 10 years ago.

The rental market in Wenatchee has been as low as 1%, but is now up to 4%. With low interest rates for home sales, many renters have become buyers.

The current CoVid phase requirements only allows 2 persons to be in a home for a showing. That can be the realtor and one buyer, or two buyers. In the future, relaxed regulations may allow 3 people at once into a home showing.

President Earl presented Nicole with a children's book, donated in her name to the North Central Regional Library for the presentation she gave to our club.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 am.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

July 21 Meeting Notes

President Earl Crowe opened the meeting at 7 am with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and Jim Adamson lead the Club Members with the Invocation.


Carol Adamson said our one of our September programs would be an Apple Blossom Update by Darci Christopherson, Chairperson for the Apple Blossom Festival.

Robin DeRock announced that tomorrow was her birthday! Happy birthday, Robin! She received a new unicorn costume, and will be wearing it to a ZOOM meeting with the Kamloops Aurora Rotary Club.

Taro Masuda and Kathleen McNalty contacted the "Goathead Warriors", Ariahna Jones and Doug Pauly, to see if they need any help. (They gave a presentation to our club on June 9th. See this blog on that date for more information about them and their program.) They would like some volunteers to remove goathead noxious weeds in South Wenatchee on Saturday, August 1st, 7-11 am. during the cool of the day. Volunteers should wear sturdy shoes or boots, and  bring heavy duty gloves (The goatheads are sharp!). Shovels are provided. Be prepared to be outdoors for a few hours with sun protection and water bottles. It might be beneficial to have your hands free, so a small day pack or fanny pack comes in handy to carry a water bottle. To volunteer, contact Kathleen McNalty. More information on the exact location will be provided prior to Aug. 1st. Wear your Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary Club "Rotarian At Work" T-shirt! (If you need one, let Earl know.)

Taro and Kathleen also are planning to get other Rotary Clubs to join ours at the Saturday farmers' market at the Pybus Public Market. Volunteers from the clubs would help out at the farmers' market, assisting with carry-outs, clean up, etc. It would get the Rotary name and logo in front of the public. More information in the future!


Chris McDarment re-introduced our speaker from last week, Brett Stoffel, a former U.S. Air Force B-52 and B-2 pilot. Last week Brett spoke about his military career, and this week, Brett spoke about Emergency Response International, Inc. (ERI).

ERI has specialized in Global Survival, Search and Rescue (SAR), and emergency preparedness training, publications, consulting and products since 1978.

Brett touched on trying survival skills, rather than reading about them. There are many publications and reality TV shows that preach survival, but few teach the basics of survivability. You can survive 30-40 days without food, but your body needs 3 quarts of water daily for you to live.

If you have the Necessities of Life and Survival Skills, you can survive! For more information about ERI, click on this link: Emergency Response International
For more information of their products, click this link: ERI Publications and Products

President Earl Crowe presented Brett with two children's books, donated in his name to the North Central Regional Library for the two presentations he gave to our club.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 am.

Monday, July 20, 2020

July 14 meeting notes


Kory Kalahar, President of the Wenatchee Rotary Club, announced their club will have a 100th Birthday "Biggest Party Event" on January 15, 2021.  Save the date.

Board Minutes

  • We had 9 applicants for the Challenge Scholar program (8 WSHS, 1 EHS), and will fund all 9.  That means we need 9 mentors to connect for the next 2 years. Contact Jim A is you'd like to mentor.
  • online giving, fines, brags, etc. may be done through a new process in the near future
  • Tom Utigard has been named an honorary member of our club.  He has been a faithful, contributing member for many years, and can no longer attend meetings like he used to.
  • Robin was excited that her pro hockey has resumed
  • Carol was convinced to sign up for the club's virtual race because of Earl's wife, Joy
  • Erik also signed up for the 10K, and challenged our past YE student (Joseph) to do the marathon


Brett Stoffel, a retired Air Force Officer, talked about his experiences from ROTC through his career as a Stealth Bomber pilot.  After completing 4 years of ROTC at a university, Brett went to pilot training in Lubbock, TX in 1995.  From there, he attended B-52 bomber school in Louisiana, and survival school in Florida. He spent 4 years of active duty as a B-52 pilot out of North Dakota, and did life support school, search and rescue school, and officer's school.  Brett spent combat time in the Dessert Storm and Allied Force campaigns.  He then was selected as one of 155 pilots for the elite B-2 Stealth Bomber program in Missouri, which was still in the testing phase at that time.  He said each plane cost $2.2 million.  After he left the Air Force, he studied law and became an attorney in the Portland area.  He now runs the Survival Search and Rescue business with his dad out of Cashmere.
Brett will be our program on July 21st to talk about the search and rescue aspect.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

July 7 Meeting Notes


Board meeting next Monday at 7:00 - zoom (ask for the link if you want to join in).

Stuff the Bus food drive brought in over 23,500 pounds of food and cash donations.

Brags & Confessions

Earl's daughter, Emma, was accepted to the CWU Honors College
Robin is now officially the District 5060 First Lady, and will be visiting clubs and other district events with DG husband Richard.
Ruth is now president of the Columbia Chorale, but with COVID, has no group or concerts to oversee.


Earl introduced Shanley Crane, the Assistant Governor for our 7 area Rotary clubs, who then
introduced 2020-21 District Governor Richard DeRock.  Richard, who is no stranger to our club since his wife Robin is a member here, was our program today.

Outside Rotary, Richard is the CEO of Link Transit, and past-president of the Washington Transit Association and Wenatchee Chamber of Commerce.  He came to Wenatchee from the Los Angles area where he headed the area-wide transit system.  In Rotary, Richard was a member of the Wenatchee Rotary Club, Past-president of Rotary North, and the charter President of Wenatchee Confluence Rotary Club.  He served 11 years on the district youth exchange committee, 4 of those as chairman.  He is a Paul Harris Fellow and TRF Benefactor.  He is married to Robin, and has two adult children.

                RI President Holgar Knock of Germany
Richard discussed the direction of Rotary International, and the focus he has for our district this year.
The RI theme this year is Rotary Opens Opportunities, which was selected by RI President Holger Knack of GermanyPart of the Rotary's vision is "together people create change", and RI and our district have settled on four priorities:

  1. increase our impact
  2. expand our reach
  3. enhance participation and engagement
  4. increase our ability to adapt
Richard talked about our district expanding youth activities, rebuilding youth exchange after the program being cancelled for this year, maintaining our strong Polio Plus contributions, getting more of an online presence during and after COVID, creating at least three new models for clubs (examples - e-club for former youth exchange students, hybrid club for small communities), quarterly district business meetings, a junior RYLA program, and making sure every program in the district can be done in a virtual platform/

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

June 30, 2020 Meeting Notes

Current President Taro Masuda opened the his last meeting of his Rotary year at 7 am.


"Stuff the Bus" event brought in over 20,000 pounds of food and cash donations to provide for our hungry through Community Action Couincil and Serve Wenatchee Valley.  The event was sponsored by LINK and the area Rotary Clubs.  Jim & Carol Adamson and Alan Walker helped out on Saturday.

Jim and Carol Adamson helped celebrate their grandson's 11th birthday! He's a leukemia survivor, too!

Alan and Kelly Walker have settled down into the condo life and are enjoying the pool there. "No pool maintenance!", they said!

John Schapman seconded the appreciation of the condo pool that Alan and Kelly enjoy. His mother-in-law lives in the same condo complex, and John and family also enjoy that pool!

Kevin Love finally returned to the Wenatchee Valley after extensive travels to Yellowstone National Park, Cody and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His temporary job has ended.

Wayne Massing announced that, after a short visit to the Wenatchee Veteran's Clinic in early June, he was contacted by them to report that he may have been exposed to CoVid-19 while at the clinic. They recommended a CoVid test at Wenatchee Confluence. Even though, he had no symptoms, he took the test, and the results were NEGATIVE! Yeah!

Incoming District Governor Richard DeRock and wife Robin were inducted Tuesday evening.  Past District Governor Peter Schultz was complimented by various Rotarians for a great year. Valerie Wafer, Rotary International Director from Ontario, Canada, was the featured speaker.

On Thursday, June 25th, club members grouped together at Foothills Middle School, and then drove by Adele's home to wish her farewell before her return to Switzerland on June 27th. We are going to miss her smiling face and fun attitude!

Alan Walker was asked about the Washington National Guard troops helping with the distributions at the Food Bank. He said the 30 guard members had been cut to 15 through the end of July. He also said that the Community Action Council had been given funds to buy face masks for the low income residents of the Valley. Alan reminded the club that volunteers are still needed Monday through Saturday, from 7 am to 3 pm for food distribution.

Leonard Noss underwent minor surgery on his ear. He is home and recovering.


Courtney Tiffany, Senior Branch Manager at the Wenatchee Public Library was our speaker at Tuesday's meeting. She spoke about the North Central Regional Library (NCRL).

Courtney has spent most of her life here in Wenatchee; leaving only to complete her degree in Library Information Science. She is married and has 3 children between 5-10 years old. She has worked in the fund-raising field and management of construction of the renovation of the Wenatchee Public Library.

The Wenatchee Public Library is the largest of the 30 libraries in the NCRL region. This library usually gets over 21,000 visits per month, during normal operations. Courtney told the club that the area that NCRL services is the size of the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut combined (About 15,000 square miles). It stretches from the town of Mattawa to our South to the Canadian border to the North.

Each month, the NCRL processes over 35,000 items, provides 28 bilingual children's story times, and has over 7,000 logins to their electronic library. NCRL recently received a $20,000 grant to increase the WiFi connectivity at each of the 30 branch libraries to provide connectivity within a 600' circle around each library.

The renovation of the Wenatchee Library is proceeding. Their lease on the building is ending where the books are being stored during this construction, so they have been given special permission to move the books back into the remodeled library. They are not allowed to use volunteers for this event.

The newly renovated library will have a more central circulation desk, more electrical outlets for patrons' electronic devices, an expanded mezzanine seating area, and a lower floor café' for coffee and some foods. A future event to be added to the Wenatchee Library's operation is author talks. Book author will give readings and answer questions. Attendees should register for these talks.

Courtney also encouraged club members to sign up for E-Cards that allows for electronic check out and download of materials. CreativeBug provides children and educators with thousands of arts and craft tutorials on line.

Contact the NCRL online at NCRL or contact the Wenatchee Public Library on their Facebook page: Wenatchee Public Library

Questions she was asked:
Q: With the increase in the WiFi service areas around the libraries, are additional parking areas going to be provided?
A: Since the 600' circle around each of the 30 libraries and the NCRL headquarters building will be about two city blocks, plenty of parking already exists for that connectivity. This should get people farther from the libraries, and allow other library patrons to have closer, physical access to the libraries.

Q: Does the NCRL have reciprocal library access with other Washington libraries?
A: Yes! If you have a King County library card, and a NCRL library card, you can access the huge library system in King County. This is a plus when downloading electronic books, as King County may have a bigger selection. (Courtney also said if NCRL patrons used "Hoopla", they would not have a waiting period to check out books.)

Q: When is the Wenatchee Public Library to open?
A: It is unknown right now. The reopening would be coupled with the Phase 3 openings of businesses and services during this CoVid-19 period. There is a huge backlog of mail-order books to process before reopening that service, which might be during Phase 2. Curbside pickups may also be available during that same period.

Q: Is the library still taking donated books?
A: They will be accepting them probably during Phase 2, depending upon their backlog and storage capabilities.

Incoming Club President Earl Crowe and current Club Treasurer Kathleen McNalty have been in contact with Pybus Public Market regarding when our club can restart having physical meetings there. Watch this blog for future information!

Club President Taro Masuda, in one of his last official acts, thanked Courtney for her presentation, and said the club would present to NCRL a children's book dedicated in her name.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 am.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

June 23, 2020 Change-Over Induction

The regular Tuesday morning meeting on June 23rd was shifted to an evening event to include the Change-Over Induction from current President Taro Masuda to incoming President Earl Crowe, and his Board of Directors. At one time, 20 members and guests were present on the Zoom call.


Leslie and Mike Coleman announced that their house had sold in a short time They had 11 showings, 2 cash offers (both over asking price). They accepted one and are moving to Arkansas soon.

Carol Adamson has received the Rotary face masks and will distribute them to those who ordered.

Robin DeRock reminded us of her husband Richard DeRock's District Governor Induction ceremony at Town Toyota Center on Tuesday, June 30th at 5:30 pm (social begins at 5:00 pm). Valerie, Rotary International Director from Ontario, Canada, will be the feature speaker.


COST: 2 People: $50. 10 People: $250

Entrée Selection: served in 50/50 portions (for 10 pack only – one meat ONLY for 2 pack)
-Marinated flank steak with chimichurri sauce
-Baked blackened salmon
Side selection:  
-Roasted new potatoes with garlic and herbs
Salad selection: comes with dinner roll & butter
-Spring salad: mixed greens, mandarin orange wedges, Chevre cheese, drizzled with shallot vinaigrette.
Dessert:  -Summer Parfait selection (lemon, strawberry, mixed berry)

ALL orders must be placed by Friday, June 26th @ 4PM. Catering packs will be PICK UP ONLY @ Town Toyota Center on Tuesday, June 30th between 3pm-4:30pm. They will be heated and ready for serving.

The link for ordering the catering: 

Any catering questions should go to Katie Atkinson, Sales Manager, Town Toyota Center. 509-888-7363


A slide show of Adele's visit with us this year was shown. She will be leaving us on June 27th. She joined in the Change-Over activities via Zoom on her phone while returning from the ocean beaches! Link to Adele's photos: Adele Photos Link to Adele's slide show:

Taro Masuda

Outgoing President Taro reflected on some of the club's accomplishments this past year:

Check out the video with some of the year's projects, meetings, people, and more.

-Wenatchee Senior Center grounds clean up and pruning
-Several 2nd Harvest food donation work parties
-The Gorge Concert series fund raiser
-Painting and clean up of Lorraine Church's deck and yard
-Contributions to support Sister Connection in Africa
-Two Youth Exchange students, one inbound and one outbound
-Assisted Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center with chocolate/cookies for children's event
-Christmas Party and White Elephant gift exchange
-Yard clean up for club member Ron Griffith, and for Habitat for Humanity home
-Apple Century Bike Ride
-Utigard Orchard Club BBQ and introduction of Adele, our Exchange Student
-Challenge Scholarship Program awards 2 scholarships to local High School Students
-Collected glasses, readers, sunglasses and magnifiers for Moses Lake Doctors for Nicaragua
-World Polio Day fund raiser dinner
-Apple gleaning in Cashmere for area food banks
-Town Toyota Center parking and cleanup fund raiser
-Highway clean up
-International Convention in Hamburg, Germany (2 club members attended)
-And many more....

Taro thanked the Executive Staff and Board of Directors for their contributions to the operation of the club. Taro presented the Mark Anderson Traveling Presidential Service Award to club secretary John Schapman for John's tireless work as club secretary. The award also includes the "Marky Outhouse Bobble Head (literally!).

Taro also thanked immediate Past President Lisa Parks for "attending" the Zoom Change-Over.

The POOPS (Past Order of Old Presidents) each read a section of a poem written by Carol Adamson. Great job, Carol!! We got Taro to smile a bit!

Taro read the induction service to induct incoming President Earl Crowe. Earl passed the test and starts July 1st!

Earl Crowe announced his Executive Staff: Erik Holmberg, President Elect, Kathleen McNalty, Vice President, Craig Reese, Treasurer, John Schapman, Secretary, and John McDarment, Executive Secretary. He then introduced his Board of Directors: Robin DeRock, 1 year; Rebecca Lyons, 1 year; David Barshes, 2 years; and Kaity VanWeerdhuizen, 2 years.

Earl has written a personal letter to each club member reminding them of their importance in the club, thanking them for their past contributions to the club's goals, and reminding them of the committee(s) they are on.

Earl made a statement that there was NOT going to be anymore Chuck Norris jokes told during our club meetings (Pay attention, Jim Huffman!)!


Jim Adamson reminded us of the Drive-By Farewell for Adele Thursday, June 25 at 5:30 - Farewell to Adele drive-by - we will meet at the west parking lot at Foothills Middle School in Wenatchee, and leave at 5:30 pm to caravan past Adele's house (1911 Leavenworth Place).  You may want to give her hugs, but we don't want to put her at risk of taking COVID back to Switzerland, so we are advising our members to keep their distance.  You will be able to hand her farewell cards, gifts, etc. as you go by, but keep moving as much as possible.  Feel free to decorate your car if you want.  We want to put on a good show of support for the great job she has done this year with our club and community. 

President Taro Masuda was reminded that he had one more meeting to chair then he was past history! Taro was sworn into the POOPS Club and shown the secret handshake. This to take effect on July 1st.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

June 16 Meeting Notes

Earl Crowe, President Elect, chaired the meeting. Club President Taro Masuda had a work-related absence.

We had 18 club members on the ZOOM call on Tuesday! A couple of members called in on their cell phones! Don't be shy! Try us out! ZOOM is easy to use! Ask Jim Adamson or Wayne Massing for help.


Carol Adamson reminded everyone that next Tuesday, June 23rd there will be NO morning meeting. Instead there will be a Tuesday, June 23rd, 5:30 pm evening ZOOM call (same meeting number as the Tuesday morning one) for the Change-Over Program. Earl Crowe will be taking over as Club President from current President Taro Masuda, and the new board of directors will be inducted. Everyone is welcome. There will be a roasting of Taro, of course. Wear anything Hawaiian (No coconut shells, Robin!!) to make it seem more festive, and remind Earl of the trip to Hawaii he missed (Convention cancelled in Hawaii!)! Watch for the email reminder.

Jim Adamson reminded everyone of the "Drive By" to say goodbye to Adele, our Swiss Youth Exchange student. We will meet on Thursday, June 25th at Foothill Middle School, West parking lot, time TBD (email will be sent out with more details). Decorate your car. Cards and donations to Adele are encouraged! She will be leaving to go home on Saturday, June 27th!

Jim also announced that a "small," socially-distanced social was held at Mansour and Linda Ravassipour's home on Sat., June 13th was a huge success. Earl's neighbor George Broome attended, and announced that he was going to join the club! Everyone brought their own drinks, and Mansour & Linda furnished sandwiches, salad and side dishes. Many club members, spouses and guests were present.

The "travelling Unicorn Wig" made a brief appearance at the social, worn by Club President Taro Masuda. Who will get it next? Attend next week's Zoom meeting, or read this blog next week!

Joel Banken reported that the Rotary Youth Exchange for District 5060 has been cancelled for 2021 because of the CoVid-19 pandemic.

Robin DeRock reminded everyone that District Governor Elect Richard DeRock will be taking over as District Governor from DG Peter Schultz. The Change-Over will be Tuesday, June 30th at 5:30. They're suggesting get in mini-groups to participate via Zoom. More details to follow via email.

Speaking of Richard DeRock, our club's Governor Meeting with the new District Governor Richard DeRock will be on July 7th. More details to follow.

Kathleen announced that a staff member from the North Central Regional Library would be our speaker on Tuesday, June 30th to give a presentation on the renovation of the Wenatchee Library. Expect some volunteer opportunities for Rotarians to help in the moving of books again once the construction is done!

PJ Jones said the Hailey, Idaho Rotary Club has donated the software for us to use for our version of "Road Apple Roulette" for our fund raiser. This is about a $2000 donation to the club! Cookie, PJ's wife, offered to be the GPS marker person for the "deposits". Follow this link to see how the Road Apple Roulette works for the Hailey Rotary Club: Road Apple Roulette

Jim Adamson reported that the Wenatchee Rotary Club's Secretary, Frank Cliffton, announced the "Stuff the Bus" program. Fifteen thousand pounds of food and personal hygiene supplies will be collected by volunteers at the Grocery Outlet (Wenatchee) by June 27th. Volunteers should contact Selina at 509-699-0312.  Please bring a mask and work gloves.

Rotary International will have a Virtual Convention from June 20-26, 2020. Use this link to register for this Zoom Convention: 2020 Rotary Virtual Convention Free Registration This is FREE! See this speaker list and activities.

Brags and Confessions

Jim Huffman got a hair cut. The rest of the members didn't think so! Earl was fortunate enough to have a live-in hairdresser!

Wayne Massing got a new computer to replace the red laptop (NEVER buy a red computer!), and is able to get on the Zoom calls easier.

Alan and Kelly Walker got a new address and got all moved in! Kelly's birthday was last week on the 12th. Happy Birthday, Kelly.

Robin DeRock had lunch with Kathy Blare, a CoVid survivor. She traveled across the US back to Seattle after she was released from the hospital. (See the Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary blog for April 7, 2020, for Kathy's full story.)

Alan Walker's daughter was married in Iceland recently. Only the bride, groom and minister were present for the ceremony.

John and Betsy McDarment celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary! Way to go, Betsy and John!

Robin DeRock, sporting an electric blue wig with removable pig tails, showed us her Rotary PJs, and announced that black mold had been found in her bathroom (hence all the allergy/sinus problems). Cleaning crews are working on its removal.

Speed Classifications

Instead of a program for today's meeting, Carol Adamson announced we would be doing a Speed Classification of two of our newest members, Kelly Walker and Sam Mack. Each received the list of about 40 questions to formulate answers prior to the meeting. When it was their turn, each had 3 minutes to answer as many questions about themselves as possible. Carol asked the questions, while Jim was the timer. A brief compilation of their questions and answers follows:

Kelly Walker
Q: Where were you born? A: Spokane
Q: Where have you lived? A: Lake Chelan and Ellensburg
Q: What's your favorite Holiday? A: Christmas!
Q: What's the worst job you've held? A: Dental Assistant
Q: What did you like best about Rotary? A: The members were so welcoming!
Q: Where was your best vacation? A: Italy
Q: What's your favorite song? A: Sweet Home Alabama
Q: Who is your hero? A: My grandfather
Q: Who would you like to have dinner with? A: Jane Goodall
Q: Where did you go on your first date? A: A winery!
Q: What's your favorite thing to do? A: Long Beach walks!

Sam Mack
Q: Where were you born? A: Marysville
Q: What's your favorite Holiday? A: Christmas!
Q: What's the worst job you've held? A: Bag boy
Q: What would be the ideal job? A: Right Fielder for the Chicago White Sox
Q: How long have you been in Rotary? A: .87 years (he's an accountant)!
Q: How nominated you to join Rotary? A: Chris Loomis (former club member)
Q: What amazed you most about Rotary? A: How BIG it is!
Q: What's your favorite song? A: Thunder Road
Q: Who is your hero? A: My father
Q: Who would you like to have dinner with? Warren Buffett
Q: Where did you go on your first date? A: Ice Skating
Q: If you could time travel, where would you go? A: The White House on August 24, 1814 (When the British burned the White House! A History buff!)
Q: If you had a special talent, what would that be? A: Pitch a 100 mph fast ball

Earl adjourned the meeting at 8:45 am.

July 28 Meeting Notes

President Earl Crowe opened the meeting at 7 am with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and Milt Herman lead the Club Members with the In...