Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Meeting Notes - Oct 8, 2019

Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary Club
2019-2020 First Quarter Accomplishments:
- Habitat for Humanity work party
- Awarded “Spouse of the Year” to Julie Banken
- Awarded “The Rotarian who Connects the World” to Wayne Massing
- Fund Raiser – parking cars at the 4th of July event netted $2200
- Presented 2 club members with Rotary Youth Leadership Award training in Penticton, BC
- Fund Raiser – selling beer at The Gorge Amphitheater netted $3071
- Welcomed Adele our Youth Exchange Student from Switzerland
- Hosted family BBQ at Utigard Orchard
- Helped dedicate the new, 2nd picnic shelter at Rotary Park in Wenatchee
- Helped Sage Hills Church with clean up of Westside High School student event
- Club members donated $450 for clothing school kids. The board voted to match the funds
- Club volunteers cleaned up Elaine Church’s yard and painted her deck
- Club sent Zachery Banken to India as a Youth Exchange Student
- Club members donated used reading and prescription glasses to Milt Herman for his Moses Lake     Medical Team
- The club donated $1000 to the 2nd Harvest food distribution program
- Club members and spouse helped distribute food for 2nd Harvest food truck
- The club donated $1000 to the Moses Lake Medical Team for their Central America project
- The club donated $500 to the Haiti Clean Water Project (HANWASH)


Adele, our Swiss Rotary Youth Exchange student, gave a brief report about a trip to Yakima where she saw a friend. She admits she's a bit homesick right now. A Halloween Party are in her plans this month and she will attend with a friend.

Thursday, Oct. 24, is World Polio Awareness Day.  We are having an area wide potluck at the Senior Activity Center on Maple St., 6:00 pm to 9 pm. $5/person, or $15/family.  This is a good time to socialize with fellow Rotarians from our club, and the other clubs in town.  A member of a local Rotary club will match up to $26,000 raised in our district.  The Gates Foundation will match that total 2 to 1, giving a potential gift of $156,000 to The Rotary Foundation's polio eradication program. That will translate to thousands of kids who can be immunized around the world.  Let's see if we can get at least 20 members plus family, to this event. Since it is a potluck dinner, A-H bring a main dish, I-P bring a side dish and Q-Z bring a salad. Bring your own beverages. Wine/beer are okay.

Thursday, Oct. 24, is World Polio Awareness Day.  Pete Van Well, from the Wenatchee Rotary Club, asked for club members to join his club in front of KPQ Radio on North Wenatchee Avenue to collect donations for the End Polio Now campaign. 7 am to Noon.

Service Project-Past - PJ Jones thanked President Taro Masuda, Milt Herman, Ruth Dagg, Matt Eastman (and his son), Dave Freimuth, and Wayne Massing for helping with the Saturday yard clean up at Ron Griffith's home. The project was completed so quickly that the group went over to the Habitat for Humanity house on Wilson Street to clear brush and tree limbs from blocking the sidewalk.

Bike Ride Committee Meeting: Alan Walker announced the first Bike Ride meeting, Tues. Oct. 15th, 5:30 - 7pm at the Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council, 630 Lewis St., Wenatchee.
Service Project-Future - PJ Jones said that our club's Make A Difference Day project is a clean-up of the area around the Senior Center on Maple Street on Sat. Oct. 26th. Time and tools to be announced later. Put it on your calendar. If you haven't volunteered for awhile, make this easy one!

Breakfast: Kathleen McNalty, Club Treasurer, announced that Adrian, our breakfast provider, had contacted her and said he was going out of business. Pastries and some delicious breakfast sandwiches were provided today from Glaze Bakery! The price is still the same for members choosing to eat at the meeting.

Brags & Confessions

Chris McDarment bragged about his wine tasting in Walla Walla.

Alan Walker bragged about his beer tasting in Georgetown, and being on the road for the last few meetings.

Lisa Parks, Past Club President, said she had accepted a job at a consulting company in Seattle, but was moving to live in Olympia, Washington. A long commute! She is looking at joining one of the two Rotary Clubs in Olympia. Alan Walker thanked Lisa for her work on the "Our Valley, Our Future" project.

PJ Jones attended the Alatheia Riding Academy's fund raising dinner. Over $325k was raised for operating expenses. Another fundraiser in the future will be for their new building and grounds. Several other club members also attended.

Robin De Rock said the National Hockey League has started playing, and her team was already loosing!


Carin Smith, Wenatchee Rotary Club, gave a presentation on her club's HANWASH (Haiti National Clean Water, Sanitation and Health Strategy) project. Wenatchee Rotary Club's first involvement was after the 2010 earthquake that destroyed much of the water and sanitation facilities there. Her club initially made water filters using plastic buckets and small filters for several schools. Later, in 2014, the club designed and installed a larger water filter for hundreds of people. Over 50% of the water and sanitation facilities still don't function. Past District 5060 District Governor Sherry Chamberlain will visit Haiti during early November, 2019. Past Rotary International President Barry Rassin lives in the Caribbean, and also has a hand in this HANWASH project. Over $15k was raised for an engineering study, and more funds are being sought. For more information, go to www.hanwash.org
Club President Taro Masuda said the club was donating a book to the North Central Regional Library, Children's Library, in Carin's name. The book was called "The Water Hole", appropriately. 

Pot Draw
Pete Van Well took home $30 for having the winning number!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Meeting notes - October 1


Service Project - Saturday at Ron Griffith's home (1316 Kittitas - off Crawford).  Meet at 7:00 at Smitty's if you want breakfast fellowship, or 8:00 at Ron's house.  Bring family and friends, and a few garden tools.

Thursday, Oct. 3, "Chamber After Hours" at Volunteer Attorney Service across from the Liberty Theater. Since we are members of the Chamber, all are welcome.  This is a great time to network, and find potential Rotarians. 4-6:00, drinks and appetizers served.

Thursday, Oct. 24, is World Polio Awareness Day.  We are having an area wide potluck at the Senior Activity Center on Maple St.  $5/person, or $15/family.  This is a good time to socialize with fellow Rotarians from our club, and the other clubs in town.  A member of a local Rotary club will match up to $26,000 raised in our district.  The Gates Foundation will match that total 2 to 1, giving a potential gift of $156,000 to The Rotary Foundation's polio eradication program. That will translate to thousands of kids who can be immunized around the world.  Let's see if we can get at least 20 member plus family to this event.

Jim A reported that the 2nd Harvest Food distribution provided 336 families (over 1100 individuals) with fresh food.  Nearly 10,000 pounds of food were given away.  Thanks to Jim & Carol Adamson, John McDarment, Lynn Love, and PJ Jones for helping out with this project.  Our club gave $1500 for this delivery.

Brags & Confessions

Taro Masuda bragged about Utah's; win over WSU.
Wayne Massing has new hearing aids.  What?
Erin McCool has been super busy, has also been gone training for a big 22 mile run, and has been camping in Wyoming.
Pete Blanksma married off his oldest daughter in the cold Sunday weather.
David Barshes ceebrated his 10 year anniversary by skydiving in Chelan with his wife (not his idea).


Taro led the club through discussions of where our clubs wants to go, and how we can get there.  Committee descriptions were handed out, and members signed up for committees.  If you missed the meeting, you will be called, or you can give Taro your preference.
Committees include:
membership, Foundation, club administration, projects, public image, challenge scholars, youth exchange, socials, and fundraising.
Another club assembly is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 15th to continue the discussions about committees and allow other member to sign up.
Taro said he would make sure the minutes of the board meetings were available to the rest of the club.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Spetember 24, 2019 Meeting Notes

Sept. 24, 2019 Meeting Notes

Club President Taro Masuda opened the meeting at 7:00 a.m.

Adele, our Youth Exchange student from Switzerland, said she had a good time on her trip across the Canadian border to Penticton. She also said she ran her first cross country race at Wenatchee High School. It was a LONG 3 miles!!

Rotary Guests:
Assistant Governor Karl Ruether from the Leavenworth Rotary Club attended our meeting. 

Pete Van Well, District 5060 Polio Plus Chair from the Wenatchee Rotary Club, attended our meeting.


Rotary Learning Institute: Assistant Governor Karl Ruether announced that RLI-South will be held in Yakima on Saturday, November 2 and Sunday November 3rd. The cost is $170 and our District 5060 pays for half of the costs, so your cost is $85, which the club will reimburse. See Kathleen McNalty or Rebecca Lyons for more information.

Wenatchee "Make A Difference Day": Pete Van Well, from the Wenatchee Rotary Club, said that on Thursday, October 24th, his club would be promoting that day as "World Polio Day". Club volunteers will be standing on the sidewalk outside KPQ Radio with Rotary Banners from 7:30 a.m. to Noon. If you'd like to help out, come down to KPQ Radio on The Avenue. That evening the "World's Greatest Dinner to End Polio" will be held at the Senior Center at 5:30 p.m. This is a potluck dinner. Costs are $5/per person or $15/per family.

Senior Dinner: Jill Courtney announced that the Senior Dinner has been changed yet again to Saturday, March 21st at the Senior Center. This is an All Hands event with all club members helping out. There will be entertainment, and the main entre' is lasagna. More information later.

Ron Griffith's yard project: PJ Jones said he has looked over Ron's yard and on Saturday, Oct. 5th, we need volunteers to help clean up his yard. Meet at Smitty's Pancake House at 7 am that day. Bring gloves and yard tools.

Senior Center Clean Up project: PJ Jones said the Senior Center needs to have some work done on their surrounding grounds on Saturday, October 26th  Bring gloves and yard tools. More later.

Alatheia Riding Center Rotary Event: Kathleen McNalty announced that the Alatheia Riding Center, 2170 Sleepy Hollow Heights, Wenatchee, is having a special event to educate possible donors to what Alatheia does for persons that are physically or emotionally challenged. The event is Tuesday, Sept. 25th from 5:30 - 7:30 pm.

Youth and Cultural Exchange in the Wenatchee Valley: Joel Banken announced that Patrick Bodell from the Wenatchee Confluence Rotary Club will be presenting information about the Youth and Cultural Exchange in the Wenatchee Valley in the Pybus Public Market, Tuesday, Sept. 25th at 7 pm.  https://pybuspublicmarket.org/event/pybus-university-youth-and-cultural-exchange-in-the-wenatchee-valley/This same information will be given at Wenatchee High School, Thursday, Sept. 26th in the New Commons at 7 pm.

Brags and Confessions

Mike and Leslie Coleman had a good time camping in Anacortes, exploring the San Juan Islands, and whale watching. Mike completed the vacation with a fishing trip to Louisiana.

Jill Courtney confessed to having some PowerPoint and computer issues at a recent 50 year reunion of her high school class.

Jim Richardson said that school started on Monday, Sept. 24th. Students and staff enjoyed a safety talk from Elizabeth Parker, a Sandy Hook Elementary victim's family member.

Chris McDament took his son Brian to start school at Central Washington University in Ellensburg. Chris had been contacted by Joseph, our recent French Youth Exchange student, and Joseph said he had gotten his driver's license.

Robin DeRock finally arrived back home after going to Penticton, BC, for the Youth Exchange meeting, and then on to Niagara Falls for the District Governor training for her husband Richard. She paid for her brag with a "Two-ney", a two Canadian dollar coin (worth $1.51 USD).

Kevin Love spent time repairing his cabin. He leaves today for Boise for his daughter's marriage.

Leslie Coleman bragged about "The Bears" winning.

President Taro Masuda paid for his Utes and Cougars losing football games!

Sargent at Arms

Erik Holmberg did a pin check and found that most members had their pins displayed. He fined the Cougars for such a bag football game.


 Rotary Learning Institute
Kathleen McNalty and Rebecca Lyons co-presented information about Rotary Learning Institute (RLI). The club members enjoyed playing Rotary Jeopardy and learning more about Rotary. The next RLI will be in Yakima on Nov. 2, 3. 

Pot Draw
Mansour Ravassipour won the pot draw and donated the money to the Sisters Connection.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Sept. 17, 2019 Meeting Notes

Club President Taro Masuda read a thank you card from Lorraine Church. She thanked the club members (PJ Jones, Milt Herman, Kevin Love, Wayne Massing, Taro Masuda, and Jim & Carol Adamson) who volunteered Saturday to stack firewood, trim trees and shrubs, and paint her deck. (Photos).

Taro also read a card from the Moses Lake Medical Team thanking the club for the $1000 donation to their Central America project.


2nd Harvest food distribution volunteers needed. On Wednesday, Sept. 18th, at the Wenatchee Community Center (corner of Chelan St. and Spokane St.) starting at 10:45 a.m. volunteers are needed to help meet the truck, unload and bag the food items, and distribute them to those coming to the Community Center. We will work until 2 p.m. Contact Jim Adamson (509-630-8562 cell) for more information.
Senior Dinner - Jill Courtney asked for volunteers to help organize the Senior Dinner, which will be held on Sunday, October 27th  Saturday, October 26th (new date) at the Wenatchee Senior Center. A planning meeting is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 20th at Bob's Classic at 7:00 am.

The Gorge Amphitheatre Fund Raising - Wayne Massing shared with the club the fund-raising numbers for our selling beer at the Watershed and Dave Matthews Band concerts at The Gorge this summer. We raised $2008 from the Watershed concert and $1062 from the Dave Matthew Bank concert for a total of $3071. The check will be coming soon from The Gorge to our club. The 5 Rotary clubs worked a combined total of 910 hours at these two concerts. The club's Board of Directors have chosen not to use The Gorge in the future as a fund raiser. Long hours, the long drive and small returns were some of the reasons.

Ron Griffith's yard project - PJ Jones visited Ron Griffith to assess the yard clean-up job he had requested. It was determined that leaves need to be raked up and the lawn mowed. It was suggested that we do the work later when all the leaves are off the trees. It would be about a 2-3 hour project for club volunteers. More information to come.

Family of Rotary

Check out September birthdays and anniversaries in the right hand column.

Brags and Confessions

Kathleen McNalty spoke briefly about her 2 week trip around Spain. She cycled with a group of people, and visited the northern coast of Spain. The weather was mostly good with a bit of rain!

Rebecca Lyons also traveled, but to Hong Kong and India related to her job at the Washington Apple Commission. She told of observing the arduous task of picking and transporting apples on the slopes of the Himalayan Mountain foothills.

Ruth Dagg spent 2 weeks in Physical Therapy for a hand/wrist injury.

Milt Herman thanked Earl Crowe for contributing used glasses for his Central American medical team. He would like get other contributions of used reading glasses, non-prescription sunglasses, prescription glasses, handheld magnifiers, and unopened eye medications or drops. They can be brought to the club meeting and put in Milt's bag in our club's cabinet at Pybus.

Kevin and wife Lynn Love spent 10 days in the Gulf Islands and San Juan Island on their boat.

Taro Matsuda bragged about his Ute's team winning!


Chief Deputy Chris Sharp and Mike Smith, from the staff of the Chelan County Jail, gave a vivid look at the jail and its staff. Their goals at the jail are to provide a safe and secure environment for the staff and the inmates. Most of the inmates are there for drug related crimes. A K-9 dog and mail scanner are two new methods used for scanning for drugs within the jail. A lease body scanner will be used in January 2020. Newer transport vehicles aid in the safe movement of prisoners. The jail experiences a heavy turn-over in staff, and lengthy training is required for new hires. Cameras are being installed in the cells and in the corridors to decrease the crimes within the jail. The program ended with Chris Sharp taking questions from the club members.

Pot Draw

PJ Jones won the pot and donated the money to the dog fund at the jail.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

September 10, 2019 meeting notes

Melisa Tigard gave a brief description of her running for Wenatchee School Board Position 1.

Nevada Black, Eagle Scout, gave a brief presentation to the club and thanked them for contributing to his Eagle Scout project at the Chelan County Fair Ground in Cashmere. The project was a Dog Park/Run. Nevada's mother also attended.


On September 24th all Rotarians are invited to Alatheia Therapeutic Riding Center for drinks, appetizers, tours, and a demonstration of a riding lesson.  The time is 5:30-7:30, and they would like a RSVP at: https://rotaryalatheia.eventbrite.com.  Password is Rotary.

September 14 will be a clean-up/deck painting party at Lorraine Church's home (117 View Ridge Circle).  Meet at Bob's Classic in Wenatchee at 7:00 am, or at her house at 8:00.  Contact PJ Jones if you have questions.

Family of Rotary

Check out September birthdays and anniversaries in the right hand column.

Wayne Massing gave an update on Mansour Ravassipour's recent torn meniscus surgery. Mansour is back home resting with ice packs on his knee. The surgery went well.
Erik Holmberg told of his weather experience at Husky Stadium, and mourned the loss to California.
John McDarment bragged about the Seahawks win.
Pete Blanksma bragged about the WSU win, and all the Cougars paid a buck.
Kaitlyn Vanweerdhuizen has a new kitty.


Earl Crowe and Kaitlyn Vanweerdhuizen gave the program on the duties of the coroner's office and funeral homes.  It was enlightening, and Erik said they "killed it".  Earl discussed some of the cases and challenges he has had over the years.  There are only two coroners in Chelan County, and a prosecutor for Douglas County. They investigated over 450 deaths last year alone. These included those by natural causes, accidents, suicides (11), and homicides (0).
Kaitlyn discussed life working in the funeral home business.  They move the bodies from place of death to the funeral home or other facility.  Their duties include dealing with the deceased and their families, and state obligations.