Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Family of Rotary

February Birthdays:  Joe Grimes, Alice Thompson, Bryan Noyd, Tana Nichols, Kevin Love, & Renee Parkins

February Anniversaries:  Tom Utigard (Sheri) & Rebecca Lyons (Greg)

In our thoughts and prayers:
Jane Davis' father passed away.
Jim & Carol Adamson's son-in-law died in a car accident.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Meeting Notes January 23rd


  • Next Bike Ride meeting is February 12th at Bob's Burgers in East Wenatchee.
  • January 30th Meeting will be a club assembly regarding the Bike Ride.
  • Please be sure you check your email for an invoice from Rotary.
  • Save the Date for our next club social/meeting on February 14th at 5:00 p.m. at Bob's in East Wenatchee.
  • Elza's dance team performed well enough to go to districts.
Brags and Confessions:
  • Wayne was sick over the past few weeks but feeling much better.
  • Chris' son is a lifeguard and was able to save someone's life the other day.
  • Lisa' daughter, Carmyn, is finishing up her degree at WVC and has applied to colleges.
  • Rebecca is back from Southeast Asia.
  • Kathleen's son, Daniel, will be graduating high school this year.

Craig Reese from Sister Connection came to speak to us about the program designed for women in Burundi.  For more information click here.


Our club has some members that need our support...

Jim and Carol lost their son-in-law, Tim Hays, in a car accident.  Jim and Carol have been with their daughter, Kristie, for the past week and will be here in Wenatchee this week.  They will be returning to Silverton for Tim's memorial service which will be Saturday, February 3rd.  Please keep the family in your prayers.

Jane Davis lost her father recently as well.  Alice has been coordinating with Jane to find out if there is anything the club can help her with.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Meeting Notes- January 16th, 2018


You will be getting invoices for dues and also the $50.00 Rotary Foundation Donation.  The Donation is optional but everyone will know if you don't and are we are hoping  that we don't have to call you out  everyone participates.

John Schapman handed out packets for the membership drive.  Prizes for people every week who gather up Bike Ride sponsors!  Let's make this is the biggest sponsorship year ever.

Our next social is on February 14th and is in place of the normal meeting on February 13th.

Brags and Confessions:

Earl is 46!

Kevin forgot the flag which forced everyone to do the pledge to "Flag in their Heart" -Erin McCool

Alan was lucky enough to be on the pass when it closed for four hours and spent a lot of time contemplating trees.

Jim Huffman left the Navy 44 years ago and just got the hat that says so!


David Barshes (Lithuanian name) gave us a fun powerpoint outlining the life that led him to the moment in which he found himself giving a powerpoint about his life to a group of Rotarians.

David is the oldest of 3 kids.  His life has been heavily influenced by his sister Krista.  He worked at Misericordia before turning to fundraising for the AMA.
He has also done the Peace Corps in Armenia and afterwards founded Friends of Armenia.

In 2009, David and his future wife moved to the Northwest and were married in Wenatchee.

He now manages the campus at Charter College.  He has two children:  Aren, age 6 and Calla, age 4.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Bike Ride Information!

Hey Sunrisers!  

As you know, the Bike Ride is our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year and we want 2018 to be better than ever, so let us start out right! Getting LOTS of sponsors will help make that possible, so we are asking the whole club to assist this year!  But don’t worry…we have made it really easy for you with this handy, dandy packet of information ready to go!

  • A list of last year’s sponsors.  If you know someone in one of these organizations, hit them up and see if they want to participate again! (Just one copy for your eyes only.
  • A sponsorship opportunity sheet listing the different levels and what it includes
  • A sponsorship commitment form to gather the info for all the awesome sponsors
  • Things to Know
We will have electronic and hard copies of the above information for everyone who is helping with the drive. If you run out please contact John Schapman or Ruth Dagg to get more copies.

Details of the Sponsorship Drive

Goal of Club Sponsorship Drive          $10,000 from Club Member Sponsorship Drive

Our Goal is to get $20,000 in Total Sponsorships, but the major cash sponsors from 2017 ($10K total) will be taken care of by the Bike Sponsorship Committee.  
Length of Sponsorship Drive:    Now – March 31st, 2018
Awards for Participating:    Anyone who brings in a new sponsor will get a $10 Gift card to CafĂ© Mela.  Bragging rights and a trophy will be awarded to the following:
  • The individual who brings in the most sponsor money
  • The individual who brings in the most new sponsors
Here is a thought:  We have around 60 members in this club.  If every single member found 1 sponsors for $250.00 each, that would be $15,000! 

Thank you all for your help this year!

Your Bike Committee Sponsorship Team (John Schapman and Ruth Dagg)

***To prevent us from approaching the same person too many times, if you email John Schapman ( with who you have contacted that said yes or no, he will compile a weekly list and email to the club only so we know who has already been asked.

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