Saturday, August 26, 2017

August 22nd Notes

Hey Everyone,

I have lost my notebook.  I keep hoping it will turn up at some point but it is Saturday and I haven't found it and it is time to post about last week's meeting so...this is from memory.  My apologies, I will have a new notebook by Tuesday.  -Annie


Elza is our new in-bound student!  She arrived on Friday evening and will be at Jim and Carol's until next week and then she will be with Brian's family.  She will be at the meeting on Tuesday so be sure to come meet her!

Brags and Confessions:

They were AMAZING this amazing I can't remember what everyone said.


Raquel Crowley, a representative from Senator Murray's office, came and spoke to our group about the things Senator Murray is aware of in our area.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

August 15 notes

Congratulations to John McDarment, who was selected by President Erin as the Rotarian of the Month for July.  John stepped up to be our club secretary, is on the membership committee, and helped organized the area clubs social when District Governor Bill Jenkin visited.

The club received a "thank you" card from DG Bill Jenkin.


Notes form the Board Meeitng

Quarterly dues has been increased to $51.37.  Watch your email for coming quarter's invoices.

Please take the club satisfaction survey if you have not already done so.

We are sponsoring Challenge Scholar Alex Rodriguez to attend a medical summer camp.

Our youth exchange student Elza Domene from Brazil will be her soon.  She's coming in by bus from Seattle, and will be at the train/bus station at 4:00, August 24.  Lets give her a big welcome.

Our outbound YE student, Isaiah Banken, made it to Thailand, and already had to give a speech in Thai to 2000 people.  He's having fun so far.


Kevin Love got his first new grandson on the 11th.
PJ Jones' mom's house flooded.
Adam Prater missed a few meetings due to the Children's Charity Classic and becoming one of the "30 Under 35".  Congrats, Adam.
Jane Davis is back from a running tour of Iceland (she puts in the miles).
Wayne Massing has a pool being installed (TGIF here we come), and spent time in Klamath Falls.
Jerry Karney's wife is done with radiation, and is cancer free!
Rebecca Lyons is back from an Alaskan cruise.
Alan Walker has missed a few meetings, wife Kelly's son is engaged, and daughter has surgery tomorrow.


Karen Dawn Dean talked about our regional arts program in her presentation of "Economics of Creativity".  The arts (creative and cultural industry) pump billions into our economy, and provide lots of jobs (4.2% of the jobs in Washington). The arts include everything from game design to fine food and wine.  Karen first focused on the creative part - the makers and creators that are behind everything else.  This all leads to the cultural/economic impact (jobs, wages, businesses, community attractiveness, and quality of life).  She also touched on the WVC art/music programs and facility supported by our community.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

August is Membership Month

It's Membership Month on the RI calendar.  This is a good time to examine where our club wants to be as far as membership.  Our 5 year goal, set 4 years ago at a club visioning event, was to be at 70 members by 2019.  We are now at 61.  We have quality members who enjoy making a local impact through service, and also the friendships that are built along the way.  Are you engaged in our club fellowship and activities?  If not, what can our club do to help you get more connected?  If you are engaged already, what can you do to help those who are not connected yet?  Do you enjoy our club, and the friendships gained?  If so, have you shared this with your friends and acquaintances, and invited them to check us out?  Membership is everyone's responsibility.  Let's find ways to bring other community leaders and service minded individuals into our club.

Coming membership webinar
Attracting new members is a goal for our club in the year ahead.  Remember that first impressions matter.  Join Jennifer Jones, past RI vice president, and an exciting panel of guest speakers for an English-language webinar called “First Impressions Matter: The Membership Experience.”  The participants will discuss best practices and resources for clubs looking to improve their first impressions on potential and new members.

At the end of the webinar, you should be able to:
  • Highlight, in interactions with prospective and new members, ways that Rotary is different from other service organizations
  • Take a fresh approach to creating a meaningful club experience for prospective and new members
The webinar will be recorded and available on our Vimeo page in the first week of September.

August Happenings

This has been a busy month already.  The District Governor was here for a visit on August 3, the Back-to-School Giveaway took place Saturday, and the whole month is Membership Month in Rotary.

Let's start with District Governor (DG).  Bill Jenkin and his wife Lisa, from Prosser, were in our area Thursday.  Bill gave the address at the Wenatchee Club's meeting at noon, and all area clubs were invited.  Bill talked about his goals for the distinct, which is Challenge, Commitment, and Change. He encouraged each club to make at least one change this year to improve the club, or engage members.  Each club this year gets to select a "Change Maker" who will be recognized at the district conference in Prosser in May.  Bill also talked about the history and contributions of our area clubs, and some of the district and RI leadership that has come from our area clubs.  Bill ended his talk with a promotional video of the May 17-19 District Conference in Prosser.  Sunrise had 10 members in attendance.  Thanks to Kathleen, Pete, Rene, Laura, Jim & Carol, Jerry, Patty, Robin, and David for showing up to represent our club and support our DG.

That evening, the area clubs hosted a social in honor of DG Bill and Lisa.  Over 100 people, representing all 6 area clubs, showed up at Sunrise Circle for fun, food, and fellowship. Despite the heat and smoke, it was a good time, and several family members enjoyed the pool while the adults visited.  Many thanks to John and Betsy McDarment for organizing the party, shopping for the food, setting up, etc. Thanks also to PJ, Jim & Carol, Mansour, and Chris for helping with set up/clean up.  We had a great show of support from Sunrise.  John & Betsy, Chris & Holly (and son Brian), Jim & Carol, Robin & Richard, Mansour & Linda, Kathleen, Jane & Jayna (and friend), Annie & Jim, Erin, Jerry & Kathy, and PJ & Cookie.
 Area presidents presenting DG Bill and Lisa with gifts from our area.  And Bill presenting the presidents with a bottle wine from his winery.

Saturday morning, Jim & Carol and Tana helped at the Back to School Giveaway.  It is estimated that around 5-600 kids received back packs, supplies, and information.  The event was sponsored by Columbia Valley Community Health.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

July 24 was Rotary night at the Applesox game. Even though the team lost, there was lots of good food and fellowship.  Several of our members attended, and a couple even got a picture with the mascot.

July 28 Meeting Notes

President Earl Crowe opened the meeting at 7 am with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and Milt Herman lead the Club Members with the In...