Friday, July 29, 2016

Jenny Napier Honored

Jenny was honored as one of 30 young professionals in our valley under 35 years of age.  The 30 Under 35 recognizes the up-and-coming leaders of the future.  Hope you all saw the Business World edition for August.  Jenny is the Executive Director of GWATA, and was nominated by our club.  She joins Matt Eastman, who was honored last year, as young leaders who we are proud to have as Sunrise Rotarians.  Congrats, Jenny.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday Night Social

About 30 people (and one dog) showed up at Lisa Bee's Wednesday night for an informal social.  Lots of good fellowship where we got a chance to get to know our members better.  Good food, drinks, and service.

Tuesday's meeting - July 26

Alan Walker, Lisa Parks, and Shilo Schauer gave a presentation on "Our Valley What's Next".  They talked about the planning process the group went through, and all the people involved in developing future action plans.  The process is continuing, and input from the public is always welcome.  Our city was awarded $50,000 on the way to becoming one of 15 finalists in the nation.

Joan Wright introduced Lindsey Wapato, one of our challenge scholars who is back from her first year at Central Washington University (3.5 GPA).  She is working two jobs this summer, and enjoys rock climbing in her free time.

Carol announced that rooms for the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta (June 10-14) are filling up fast.  Our area will be getting a block of rooms, but we need to let Liz Saunders of the Leavenworth Club know by Friday of you might be going.  Carol has her contact information (or use the area directory).  You can get information on the convention at

We had a short discussion about having, or not having, an invocation at the start of our meetings. This topic will be discussed and voted on by the Board at it's August 8 meeting.  If you want to have input, you can attend the Board meeting, or put your thoughts in writing and get it to any of the Board members before August 10.  Board members are always listed on the bottom, right hand column in the blog.

Family of Rotary

August Birthdays - Mike Thorburn

August Anniversaries - Kevin Love (Lynn), Earl Crow (Joy), Dick Baker (Andrea), Bryan Noyd (Cyndi), Pete Blanksma (Kristine), Matt McColm (Suzie), & Taro Masuda (Patti),

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 19th Meeting


Bonaventure will be hosting a fundraiser dinner to help out local Vets.  The Bunker is a local group of Vets serving Vets.  The dinner is $10.00 a plate.  The dinner is July 30th from 4:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. at Bonaventure in East Wenatchee.

Remember that next week, July 27th, is the Sunrise Rotary Fellowship at Lisa Bee's.  The event is also on Facebook if you want to share with friends and other Rotarians.  We will be there from 5:00- 7:00 however, food will only be available until 6:00 so be sure to get there in time to order some of the delicious food!  Also, consider bringing a lawn chair or three.  It can get busy and if we can't get tables, we will just move our party to the big lawn area.

Gil Sparks, a Wenatchee attorney, and a bike supporter of our Bike Ride event, has always worn the #1 tag in the bike ride.  Unfortunately, this year he was unable to ride but the #1 tag was set aside for him and will be signed and framed by Sunrise Rotary and give to Gil.  We certainly appreciate his amazing support!

It is with sadness that we announce the resignation of Don Sangster.  Don has been a faithful member, and the warm, friendly face of our club to everyone who walks into our meetings. He will be missed by all.

Brags and Confessions

Annie LaCroix has been trying to sell a gravel pit for about the last 10 years- it finally closed today! It isn't easy to sell a gravel pit but finally having it done...that rocks!

Jenny Napier has been without a kitchen for several months and is expecting a countertop and sink this week and an oven next week!  

Alan Walker has a son that graduated from High School and a daughter who was married.  

Kathy McNalty has submitted her resignation for her job.  Onward and upward to new adventures!

New Member

We welcome Rebecca Lyons as the newest Sunrise Rotarian.  Rebecca was sponsored by Jim Adamson and pinned by Matt McColm.  She was able to share this special moment with her daughter, Mari.  We are so excited to have Rebecca in our club - welcome!

Rebecca is a Northwest native, and has lived in Wenatchee for the past 15 years. She grew up in the Seattle area, and at the age of 16 had the good fortune to participate as a Rotary Youth Exchange student to Essen, West Germany (near Dusseldorf). That experience instilled a life-long love of travel and curiosity about other languages and cultures, and while at Washington State University obtaining her undergraduate degree in Business/Marketing, she spent a summer as a bank intern in Bern, Switzerland, and a year abroad studying in Osaka, Japan. Rebecca obtained her MBA in International Business at the American Graduate School of International Studies/Thunderbird in Glendale, Arizona in 1990. After graduation, she moved to the Tri-Cities as Director of the port district’s export development program, where she was an active member of the Pasco-Kennewick Rotary Club until moving away in 1995. After living in Mexico City, and learning Spanish, Rebecca came back to Washington State, where she eventually came to work at the Washington Apple Commission on the international marketing side. Nine and half years ago, Rebecca adopted her daughter, Marisol, from Guatemala, as a single parent. She met her husband Greg when Mari was 2 years old, and they have been married for the past six years. Rebecca enjoys travel, gardening, cooking, hiking and has recently been bitten by the photography bug. She and Greg recently became the owners of an Airstream trailer and look forward to a few adventures that don’t require boarding an airplane.


Today's program was presented by Jenny Napier, Executive Director of GWATA (Greater Wenatchee Area Technology Alliance).

GWATA has three main areas of focus:  Technology, Entrepreneurship and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

GWATA has four main events each year:  Tech Savvy Business of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Future Technology Leader (K-12) and Innovative Use of Technology in the Classroom.

GWATA Membership is open to all businesses and has over 100 members currently.  Through the year there are several networking events.  The next event is the Summer Social coming up August 3rd.  Additionally, the first Thursday of every month at Badger Mountain Brewing.  These are casual evenings where anyone can come and find a techy-person to ask questions to about various topics.  A great way to see what GWATA does while enjoying a pint.

GWATA is an amazing organization helping to bring people and technology resources together to create a thriving community.

For more information about GWATA, contact Jenny Napier.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July 12th Meeting


Matt talked about attendance and reminded everyone that meetings can be made up at other Rotary groups or by attending fellowship groups and committee meetings.  All meetings must be posted one week in advance to qualify as a "make-up" committee meeting.

He also explained the "Rule of 85" in which someone can be excused from the attendance record if the sum of their years as a Rotarian (20 minimum) plus their age is greater than 85.

Lisa Bee's Social Event:
We have an upcoming social on Wednesday, July 27th from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.  Lisa is kindly staying late for us but food will only be available until 6:00 so be sure to arrive before then, or call in your order, if you want to eat.  Click here to see the deliciousness she offers!  It is a great place for kids and dogs so bring the whole family for a fun Rotary evening.

Youth Exchange:
Our new Youth Exchange student is Lucas Hourdin from Toulouse, France.  Margie is looking for some host families so get in touch with her to be part of this amazing opportunity to host an exchange student.

Brags and Confessions:

Tom was lucky enough to have a first row seat to the Wenatchee SWAT team surrounding a house near his house.  There was suspicion of a gunman on the loose but it turned out no one was ever found.  However, the SWAT team decided to put a concussion bomb into the house and it blew out all the windows and doors of the house.  Tom considered it an all around good form of entertainment.

Jenny Napier is hosting a GWATA breakfast next week called "Women Rule the World".  It is from 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 20th.  Tickets can be purchased at

Craig survived his 15 year-old daughter's first attempt at passing another vehicle.  Even though Craig felt it was close, it is clear she has the confidence to drive boldly into the future!  Also, his family recently spent time on Orcas Island and highly recommends it.  Finally, he gave the Sergeant at Arms at Snow Blower manual for Taro.  It seems it is being held by the SA for a ransom to be collected at some point...

Kevin Love flew his youngest daughter home from New York and then spent a busy week attending two family reunions and doing a bunch of other fun stuff during her visit.

Jim Adamson welcomed Renee and Sheila as potential new members.

Matt McColm said that his son had planned on going camping but didn't consider it "real" camping because he wasn't in a tent.  Turns out that when he arrived, he got to sleep in a real camping it is!


Today we enjoyed two classification talks.

Leonard Ness:

Leonard's parents with both part of a mass immigration from Norway.  His dad arrived here in 1912 and his mom arrived the following year in 1913.  When Leonard was researching this immigration, he learned that nearly one-third of the Norwegian population evacuated Norway between 1912 and 1920.  Most ended up in North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa.  His parents were among those and they met in Minneapolis.  They married in 1923 and Leonard arrived on New Year's Eve, 1924.  His dad borrowed a Model-T to drive his mom to the hospital through a very snowy night.

Leonard was raised in a Norwegian speaking household and was fortunate enough to have a Norwegian speaking Kindergarten teacher who tutored him into the first grade.  He continued on and graduated from Roosevelt High School with 445 other people.

His first job was at Schmitt Music in Minneapolis where he earned a hefty $.27/hour for a grand total of $16.00 after 60 hours of work.

He then went on to work at International Harvester during the war.  He made 105mm shells.  When the war ended, his job ended.

He had a friend who had traveled to Wenatchee and wanted Leonard to go back and visit with him.  Leonard and his friend acquired a hearse and drove across country to Wenatchee where he met his future wife, Betty.

Betty and Leonard shared 64 years of marriage and had two sons, David and Dan.  Dan passed away two years ago on Thanksgiving.

Leonard was in the printing business for most of his life- first at a printing company for 19 years, 11 months until he opened his own company that he retired from at the young age of 88.

Leonard was invited to Rotary by Bill Bumps and has been a club member since 1968!

At 91 years of age, he is our club historian and he sure knows a lot of history!

If you ever have time, Leonard loves to play one of his accordions or organs for visitors- stop by- he promises to put a pot of coffee on for the recital.

Mike Thorburn:

Mike was born in Michigan as the youngest of 7 children.  His family headed to California but make a stop in Washington and never left.

He graduated from Auburn High School and went on to Foster's School of Business.

In 1973, he and his brother started a manufacturing company that made die grinders for dentures and dental bridges.  He holds the patent to the die grinder.

He learned to program and operate CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines and spent time in the aerospace industry as a CNC operator.  He saw the need for assembly work and started a business in the Seattle area doing a lot of work for Boeing.  His business won "Supplier of the Year" for Boeing three years in a row.  His business took him to Europe on several occasions to see airshows.

He moved here full time in 2015 and enjoys motorcycles, golf, waterskiing and wake surfing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 6th Meeting


Kwan, a former exchange student form Thailand visited us this morning with her mm and brother.  They are staying with Brian and Larissa Thorpe.

Rotary 101 (from Carol Adamson, Assistant Governor)

District 5060 is made up of 59 clubs- 34 in Canada and 25 in the United States.  The District is led by a District Governor.  Currently, the District Governor is Vern Nielson from Kelowna.
Usually the district conference is held in the city in which the District Governor resides.
The clubs are the essential part of the District, focusing on maintaining vibrancy and high performance directed toward the goals of Rotary.

Each year, the District Governor visits each club in the district.  Unfortunately, our District Governor was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  This may restrict his ability to travel as much but he still has plans for "visiting" each club via video.  Please keep Vern in your thoughts and prayers!

The Assistant Governor helps to support a specific area of the district.  We are in area 9 which includes 6 clubs:  Leavenworth, Cashmere and four Wenatchee clubs.  Carol is our Assistant Governor.

Click here for a District Organization chart.

Sergeant in Arms

This year the Sergeants at Arms are Carol Adamson, Kevin Love and Earl Crowe.  They have big plans to quiz people on Rotary knowledge!  Know the answer or be fined!  (Hint:  Read the weekly blog, which will probably provide some answers like the info about the district above!)

Brags and Confessions

Earl beat the 4th of July crowd by watching the fireworks show from his living room.

Ron had a birthday!

Matt thinks it might be the last time his 10 year-old gets to light off fireworks in the city of Wenatchee.

Rani had the privilege of watching a Zambelli fireworks show in a tiny town in Pennsylvania.

Volunteer Month in Rotary:

Our focus today was building the club's committees.  Matt handed out blank sign up sheets outlining each committee and the approximate volunteer need for each one.  Matt emailed the document to everyone so be sure and check your email and find a committee or three to participate in!

The following are a list of the committees:

Rotary Foundation
Salisbury Fund
Fund Raiser
Challenge Scholarship
Public Relations
AV Club
Event Planning
Community Projects
Bike Ride

District Governor Vern Nielsen

During his years in Rotary Vern has served on several committees and projects including; Rotary Pro-Am Golf Tournament, Pleasantvale Homes Society, founder of Rotary Ski to Tee and Rotary/Snowbirds Air Show, and writes a monthly Rotary column for the local newspaper. Vern visited several Rotary projects in India during his 2007 Rotary trip including the Amreli Dam project. In 2010-11 he was President of the Rotary Club of Kelowna and received a Rotary International Signifcant Achievement Award. He has been the District Friendship Chair for two years and Assistant Governor in Area 4 for two years. In 2013 he received the Rotary International Avenues of Service Citation. He is an RLI instructor, a Visioning facilitator, a multiple Paul Harris Fellow and a Bequest Society member of the Club Foundation. Vern is an avid skier, boater, motorcycle enthusiast, hiker, and golfer who has three adult children and one grand-daughter.                                                                      
A complete bio can be found in the District Directory.            DG Vern Nielsen and Willy Burgess

Rotary International President John Germ

Half a century after landing his last C-124 as a U.S. Air Force captain ferrying troops and equipment to Vietnam, John F. Germ sees himself as Rotary’s navigator, plotting a course toward a bright future. He aims to run Rotary like a business, drawing on his acumen as chair and CEO of an engineering firm and emphasizing service as Rotary’s most powerful draw for a new generation of civic-minded members. “We need to do a better job of promoting our cause. That’s the challenge ahead, but I don’t see it as a problem. I don’t believe in problems – I believe in opportunities.” Germ, a member of the Rotary Club of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, is Rotary president in 2016-17.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Good-bye Claudio

Our youth exchange student, Claudio, gave a recap of his stay in the Wenatchee.  He was able to do many things with the youth exchange students, host families, and club members.  It was a great time, and his experiences were invaluable.  He traveled throughout our district to Vernon, Revelstoke, Kamloops, Penticton,
Yakima, Prosser, and Chelan.  He also traveled to Seattle, California and Hawaii.  Some of his adventures included skiing, paintball, soccer, prom, graduation, camping, horse riding. kayaking, Wild hockey, Sounders, and Great Wolf Lodge.  His parents came the next day, and they were to go on a tour of the area before heading on an Alaskan cruise.  We will miss him.  Thanks to the Masuda's and Rush's for being host families this year.  We still need host families for Lucas, our inbound student from France who will be here in August.

June 28 Meeting Notes

Wayne passed around the Presidential Citation that our club was awarded by RI President Ravi.  The Gold classification is the highest level of accomplishment for the citation.  Wayne also outlined all the accomplishments our club did in the forth quarter of the year.  Quite a list that we should be proud of.

The final report on the bike ride showed a total net income of $38,134.  There were 564 riders, and $17,500 in sponsorships.  There is now $171,000 in the Salisbury Challenge Scholarship Fund, and $24,000 in the donor advised fund. Both are administered by the Community Foundation of Central Washington.

Rotarian of the Month

Wayne presented the June Rotarian of the Month to PJ Jones.  PJ was cited for his hosting youth exchange students, his enlightening laugh, and the work on the bike ride in marking the route, and setting up and removing the ride signs. Congtrats, PJ.

Family of Rotary

July Birthdays:  Mansour Ravassipour

July Anniversaries:  Don Sangster (Cindy), Alice Thompson (Mitch), Patty Rush (Heath), Joel McDonald (Brett), & Jason Underwood (Kelly)


Jerry Karney traveled to Oregon and California.
Jim & Carol watched their grand kids win a bunch of trophies in tennis.
Jenny Napier was selected one of the "30 under 35", younger professionals chosen for their contribution to our community and their vocational excellence.
Mansour and his wife has officially left Portland and moved into their new home in Wenatchee.

July 28 Meeting Notes

President Earl Crowe opened the meeting at 7 am with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and Milt Herman lead the Club Members with the In...