Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 25


The Bike Ride is just over a month away and we need everyone to sign up to help on June 1, 2, 3 and 4.  The Bike Ride is June 3rd and we need the most help that day but before and after the bike ride, we will need set up and take down assistance.
Also, we could use more bike ride sponsors!

There is a Board Meeting May 8th.

Next club social is May 10th at Columbia Valley Brewing Company.

Brags and Confessions:

Earl was Cool Dad of the Week by taking his middle daughter out of school and letting her help with the explosive residue training.

Kathleen said that Daniel led the Cashmere High School to a league victory!

Chris spent Dad's day at the Fraternity with his son.

Rebecca celebrated Mari's 11th birthday.

Erik won money at the horse races...but not on horses.

Leslie was in San Francisco for the weekend.

Jim H pet peeve is vanity college plates....

The program today was about the Avanza Stove Factory in Nicaragua.  This is our international project.  Dave DeYoung presented the information which can all be found here. 

May Birthdays:  Rani Sampson, Rebecca Lyons, Dick Baker, Jeff Niderost, Jenny Rojanastien, Patty Rush, & Ruth Dagg

May Anniversaries:  Kathy Hamilton (John), Maggie Nelson (Charlie), Wayne Massing (Karen), Callie Klein (Rich), and Ruth Dagg (Geoffrey)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Meeting Notes, April 18th, 2017


Maggie is currently updating our information list.  Please email Maggie with your CURRENT info.  She will match up what you send with what she has.  Please email her your:  Name, work phone, cell phone, home phone, classification, business, mailing address and email.

The Master Gardener plant sale will be at Pybus Market on April 30th at 9:00 a.m.

The next Bike Ride meeting is April 24th at 7:00 a.m. at Smitty's.  

Be sure to make-up your meetings.  You can attend a committee meeting or a club social or another group's meeting.

Lucas had a great time in Canada with his family.

We still are in need of Bike Ride Sponsors! 

The All-service club luncheon is May 3rd.  Contact Carol Adamson if you would like to join their table- two tickets left.

The Apple Blossom Youth Parade is April 29th.  Rotarians often help out with the parade.  If you are able help, contact Linda Haglund with the Downtown Association.  Word on the street is you get an official walkie-talkie!

There are five challenge scholar applications so far.

Leonard Noss was the recipient of the first Annual Paul Harris/Vern Nelson hero award.  Leonard, as the club historian and our club patriarch has been an integral part of our club for many, many years.  He has been involved with the bike ride every since it began.  Despite health issues, he has been at virtually every meeting.  We are grateful to have someone like Leonard demonstrating what a true Rotarian looks like.  

Ruth Dagg was inducted as a new member.

Brags and Confessions:

Jim- The Adamson's grandson is finishing up the last of his cancer treatment!

Wayne- His mentee put on four plays regarding bullying.

Jenny- Relatives from Thailand are visiting.

Leslie- Mike took her on a hike that was a bit more than she expected.   Doesn't recommend it.

Earl has been absent for work and vacation.

Kevin need some help moving furniture for his mom after the meeting on Tuesday.

Callie has started her own business!  If you would like to connect with her, she is on social media:https://www.facebook.com/CallieKleinCo/

Robin is no longer the District Youth Committee Chair.

Ruth's 4th grandson was born on Saint Patty's Day.

Dick is having surgery and will be gone for a couple weeks.


The classification talk today was by Rebecca.  I had to leave without seeing much of it but I can tell you that the beginning was great!  She had a power point and everything!  Classification talks are such a great way to get to know our members.

Here are a few pictures from the Rotarians that visited us from Krygyzstan.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Club Events

Hey everyone,

A few quick updates!

First, remember you can always find the blog on the Sunrise Rotary website.  The last couple weeks there have been other things besides the weekly minutes.  Jim posted some stuff from the Million Dollar dinner and there was recently an update from our exchange student.

Also, the Adamson's have purchased a table at the All Service Club luncheon on May 3rd.  It would be great to have a table full of Sunrise Rotarians.  Six seats are taken so there are four left.  Get a check to Leslie for $25 as soon as possible to reserve one of the remaining seats.

Finally, the last club social at Columbia Valley Brewing was a big hit!  23 people in attendance.  These socials are a great way to connect outside of the meetings and get to know each other a bit better.  Partners, friend and future sunrisers are always welcome!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 11th Meeting


Alan mentioned that the Guadalajara Rotarians love the idea of visiting Wenatchee and we are looking at some August dates.  We will need hosts for our visiting Rotarians.

The Highway Clean-up went well, thanks to everyone who participated!

GWATA is considering starting an Angel Network and is looking for interested investors.  Contact Jenny if you are someone or know someone.

Dues have increased from $46.50 to $48.50- look for an invoice this week.  Also, we are looking for a new meeting space so if you have any ideas contact Jim Huffman.

Brags and Confessions:

Kathleen went to Olympia with the Highschoolers and the Governor kept bragging about the bike ride!

Patty said Isaiah was voted best outbound student.

Erik went to Palm Springs and Vegas for golf and then New York to see Hamilton (totally worth it!). While there, he lost his wallet in a taxi and it was returned the next day but the kind driver.

Jerry has been elected and elder of his church.

Jim and Carol went to the Rock Climbing gym with the grandkids and lived to tell about it.

Renee returned from a business trip in India.  Mari earned 2nd place in the state gymnastics.

Tom went on a wildflower road trip and finally found them in Death Valley.


Entrepreneurs from The Kyrgyz Republic came to speak to the group.  It was fascinating to learn about their country which is in Central Asia.  It is often called "The Second Switzerland" because of the beautiful mountains.
You can see more about Kyrgyzstan by clicking here.
Also, one of the visitors spoke about the Manas- the longest poem at over 500,000 lines, it is often sung or recited orally.  You can read more about this very treasured story of the Kyrgyz people here.

One of the speakers, Tilek Toktoga, would like to connect on Facebook.  His profile can be accessed here.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Million Dollar Dinner a Success

The Rotarians of District 5060 were challenged to raise $1 million and blew the doors off by raising over $1.5 million USD (more than $2.1 million CAD)! The monies go to The Rotary Foundation - recently named the top charity in the world.  Rotary International Polio Chairman, Mike McGovern, and Past RI President, Wilf Wilkinson were the speakers in Wenatchee and Kelowna.  Thanks to Wenatchee President Jim Russell for organizing the fundraising effort south of the border.  Members of the Cadman family were present to help celebrate the work their father, Ed Cadman (Wenatchee), who was RI President in 1985-86, and instrumental in starting the polio eradication effort in Rotary.  Thanks to Kathleen McNalty and Robin DeRock, who each gifted $10,000 through their legacy to The Rotary Foundation endowment fund, and join Jim & Carol Adamson as our club's Bequest Society members. We encourage other to consider the gift that will keep on giving, by donating $1000 (benefactor) or $10,000 (bequest society) through your estate, life insurance, etc. to the Foundation.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April 4th Meeting


May 30 the Challenge Scholars will be at our club, and Erin and Rani will be presenting the scholarships to the senior recipients at each school's awards nights that week.

The bike ride committee (and anyone else) will meet Friday at Smitty's (7:00 am).

Highway cleanup.  This Saturday our club will be cleaning our 2-mile stretch of the highway.  Meet at 8:00 am at the Hydro Park nearest to town.  Bring gloves and good hiking shoes/boots.

Friday night is the Million Dollar Dinner for the south half of the district.  The goal has been to raise $1M for the Rotary Foundation by having people gift or pledge $10,000.   Most will do this by leaving money through their estate or life insurance, a painless way to keep the Foundation strong into the future.  You can also attend by purchasing tickets for $50 each.  This will be a great opportunity to hear Past RI President, and Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair, Kaylan Banerjee, and learn how lives are being changed by the gifts that we give.  It will also be a time to celebrate what Wenatchee's Past RI President, ED Cadman, did to help start the polio eradication effort in the mid-80s.  Contact Frank Clifton of the Wenatchee Club (919-922-6261) if you would like to contribute or attend.  You can also register at https://www.crsadmin.com/EventPortal/Registrations/PublicFill/EventPublicFill.aspx?evtid=8ef846ca-8e90-45cb-b5c9-ffd95146d50d

Board Meeting, April 10 at Wild Huckleberry (7:00 am).

PUB Social on Wednesday, April 12 at Columbia River Brewery (5:30).  Come enjoy the friendships and have some fun.  This is also where some of our best ideas get started.


Lee Hendrickson and fiancee Amber talked about their trip around the world last year.   They saved,
planned, house sat, camped in their car, and traveled to many locations around the world for a year on a total cost of about $16,000. That's living smart and simple.

They started across the US in January, 2106 to Maine, where they spent over 2 months.  Then they filled their backpacks and headed to Asia for 6 months.  There they house sat in China, and visited Russia, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.  Next they headed across to Norway, to see the places where Lee's decedents are from, and then back to Wenatchee.

July 28 Meeting Notes

President Earl Crowe opened the meeting at 7 am with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and Milt Herman lead the Club Members with the In...