Monday, June 27, 2016


When was the last time there was polio in Europe? If you guessed 2002, the year the region was certified polio-free, you were wrong. The last time polio affected a child in Europe was last summer. In 2015, two Ukrainian children were diagnosed with paralytic polio, and, given the way the disease manifests itself, that means many more were likely infected and didn’t show symptoms. At least one Western news outlet deemed the outbreak “crazy” – but the reality is that no place on earth is safe from polio until the disease is eradicated everywhere. Ukraine had fully vaccinated only 50 percent of its children against polio, and low immunization rates are a recipe for an outbreak. In this case, a rare mutation in the weakened strain used in the oral polio vaccine was able to spread because so many children had not been vaccinated. To stop it from progressing, the country needed to administer 5 million to 6 million vaccines through an emergency program. But as recently as March, Ukraine’s ability to do so remained in question. Finding the occasional case of polio outside Afghanistan and Pakistan, the only countries that have yet to eradicate it, is not unusual. In 2014, just before the World Cup brought travelers from all over the planet to Brazil, the country identified poliovirus in the sewage system at São Paulo’s Viracopos International Airport. Using genetic testing, officials traced its origin to Equatorial Guinea. Brazil’s regular vaccination efforts kept the disease from showing up beyond the airport doors. Those are frustrating examples for the thousands of people around the world working to eradicate polio. The fight has come a long way, but it is far from over. And while many involved in the effort say we may detect the final naturally occurring case of polio this year, getting to that point – and ensuring that the disease remains gone – will continue to require money, hard work, and the support of Rotarians around the world.  (This article borrowed from the Wenatchee Rotary Appleseed)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Presidential Change-over Fiesta

Tuesday night featured good food (thank you El Porton), good fun, and a bit of entertainment when the presidential gavel was passed from Wayne to Matt.  Over sixty-eight people attended the function at the museum.
Wayne thanked his officers, his board, and the club for an outstanding year.  He announced that for all our club accomplished, we received the Presidential Citation - gold level (the highest) from RI President Ravi Ravindrum.

Wayne presented Joanne Rosenthal with the "Unsung Hero" Award.  This was presented at the district conference by DG Greg Luring,, but Joanne was still in Florida at that time.  Joanne was honored for her work as club secretary, doing much behind the scenes, even while in Florida for the winter. Thanks was given to Maggie Nelson fro taking some of the secretary responsibilities in her absence.

Carol Adamson was presented with the Mark Anderson Presidential Service Award for all the help she gave to Wayne this year, and all she does for the club.

Carol then read a poem to reflect on Wayne's year. In respect for Wayne's service in the Navy, he was given an officer's hat to wear during the reading, while the crew of POOPs (Past Order of Old Presidents) swabbed the deck in the background.  Carol presented Wayne with a Rotary shirt and a Past-President's pin.

Rebecca Lyons was recognized as our newest member (to be inducted in July).  Our club inducted 13 new members this year, although we lost 8 members.  The second place team in the membership contest (Norm, Alan, and Leslie) were given a bottle of Craig Robertson's wine.  The first place team (Jim A, Jim H, and Joan) was given a gift certificate to Sun Mountain Lodge.  Feeling guilty about not contributing to the team, Jim H. gave his up to be raffled off  (later won by Jerry Karney).

Wayne then passed the gavel to Matt, and gave him the President's pin.  Matt spoke about the exciting year of challenges and fun to come.

A $500 pot draw took place with 5 winners given the choice to keep $100 each, or redraw for the big pot.  They chose to keep the $100.  Congrats to Jerry, Sharon Utigard, Milt, Alan, and Kevin.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 14th ABCs


The Board has received very positive feedback about the Apple Century Bike Ride.  Bikers from all over the world report that this is one of their favorite rides.

The club received a thank you note from the Friends and Family of United Nicaragua thanking us for our donation to Stove Team International.

The club received a thank you note from the class of 2016 thanking us for the donation to their senior class party.

Rebecca Lyons has now been approved by the board for membership and is in her one week waiting period for comments.

Kevin Love had two requests:  Can someone attend a 5:00 meeting this Thursday at McDee's to look at a final set of plans for the Rotary park shelter?  Brian Thorpe filled the other request by being willing to help out with raising and lowering the flags as needed.

Paul Harris Recipient:  Bryan Noyd received a multiple Paul Harris Fellow pin in recognition for contributing another $1000 to The Rotary Foundation!

Brags and Confessions:

Kevin Love's daughter, Andrea, finished her school principal's certification.  Daughter Emily in New York will be coming to Seattle to spend time with the family for the week.

Annie LaCroix has been accepted to the Master's program in functional medicine.

Earl Crowe's daughter, Emma, is on the drill team at Pioneer Middle School.  Earl has been asked to teach at the college this fall.

Joanne Rosenthal is thankful for all of Maggie's hard work as secretary substitute while she was gone.

Alan Walker's youngest son just graduated.

Bill McDonald reported that Craig Robertson did well at the Cusick Cup tennis tournament last weekend.

Today's Program:

There were three different speakers today.  The first was Teresa Mata, the recipient of the Rotary Youth Leadership Award.  Teresa is also currently the Vice President of our local Rotaract.  Teresa spoke about how valuable her leadership training experience was and how grateful she was for the experience.  She is headed to the University of Washington this fall.  For the summer, she is working as a cashier at Home Depot so be sure to stop in and say hello!

Our other two presenters today were are own Rotarians giving classification talks.  Newer Rotarian, Dick Baker and...experienced Rotarian, Milt Herman.

Dick Baker spoke about his life experience helping people in a community and attributed much of it to his two grandfathers.  One grandfather was always helping out in the community, long before AAA or any other type roadside services.  His other grandfather was a Shriner- a group that helps children who can't afford medical care.  Much of his life has been inspired by the "OO" moments:  Is this an Obstacle or and Opportunity.  He credits is wife for setting the example of someone who can make the most of any "OO" moment.
Dick currently works for Mobile Fleet Services, a family run business.  He and his wife also have a Bed and Breakfast.
He is from Billings, MT and after traveling to various places such as New York, he realized he prefers the slower pace of West Coast living.

Milt Herman was born 75 years ago in Des Moines, Iowa.  His first job was selling Coca Cola Bottles out of a little red wagon to a construction crew.  At about age 11, he move to North Dakota and then in high school, his family moved to Denver- a life long dream of his dad's.   He attended high school with Jan, his current wife, although they never met in high school.  They met after at a wedding!  They have been married for 55 years this May.  Jan and Milt moved to Tacoma where he finished his degree at PLU.  Milt then went to Chicago to attend Optometry school.  During that time, he drove tour buses through Wenatchee and finally made the decision to move here.  He started an Optometry office in Wenatchee and the Methow Valley.  He joined Rotary in 1975 at the invitation of Bill Bumps and became the president of the Downtown club in 1985.  In 1986, he helped charter the Sunrise club!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Challenge Scholars Attend

Today we welcomed our newest scholars, and our current scholars and their families.  Joan Wright, committee chair, reviewed our Challenge Scholarship Program, which pays for two years of community college (or equivalent amount for a 4-year university) if the students, selected their 10th grade year, graduate on time. These students all have various challenges to overcome, and our club members mentor them for their last two years in high school.  We also had a brainstorming session to get ideas for future activities with our scholars.

Jania Miranda has put our money to use, and graduates from WVC this week.  Emily Castorena (Carol is mentor) and Alex Pantaleon (Milt is mentor) both graduated from WHS, and will both attend the UW next fall.  The three graduates were given congratulations cards signed by the club members, and $50.
Also attending were juniors Lupita Torres (Rani is mentor) and Zayra Garcia (Maggie is mentor), and our new scholarship recipients, Lidia Diaz-Alonzo (EHS), Jasmine Guerrero (WHS), and Annisa (AJ) Parker (WSHS).  Many family members were able to join us today as well.  Congratulations to all our scholarship students.

News and Announcements

Rotarian of the Month
Jill Courtney is our Rotarian of the Month for May.  Jill has been active on the bike ride (go pit stop #2), has brought in new members, is a club historian, and is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow.  Most importantly, she chaired our Senior Dinner, which was reinstated after a 10-year lapse. Congratulations Jill.  We are proud to have you as an active member of our Rotary Family.

Paul Harris Recognition
Four of our members were recognized for their continuing contributions to The Rotary Foundation.  Don Sangster, Bill McDowell, Jill Courtney, and Joanne Rosenthal each received a Multiple Paul Harris pin in recognition of giving another $1000 to TRF.

Bike Ride
Bike ride Chairs Alice Thompson and Kathleen McNalty gave a summary of our Century Ride last Saturday.  It was a great success, with 567 riders this year.  It was a great team effort, and the bike riders appreciated the organization, support, food, etc. again.  The final recap meeting for the bike ride committee will be on Wednesday, June 29 at 7:00 am at Bob's Classic Wenatchee.

The club received two resignations this week.  Nima Duncan will be moving to the Portland area, and Heidi Black is working through medical problems, but would like to return at some point.  We will miss them.

Clauidio (Mateo) has only 2 weeks left before heading home to Ecuador.  He will be the program June 28, and his family will be here then, so we can meet them.

Presidential Changeover Dinner - June 21 at 6:00 pm at the Wenatchee Museum (Chelan Street). Fiesta theme, so come dressed to celebrate.  Taco and enchilada bar, chips, & desert.  $15 per person will be added to your next invoice.  Bring your own beverage (no hard alcohol, but pop, beer, wine are okay).  Water will be provided.  Let's give Wayne a good send-off, and welcome Matt as our next president.

Sunday, June 5, 2016



You have heard this phrase often but did you ever wonder what the significance of this phrase really means.  It means that you are supporting The Rotary Foundation (TRF) in some way each year - whether it is $5 or $5,000.  It’s not the amount, but by making some donation to the Foundation you are showing that you believe in the work being done and are willing to support it.  Let’s try to keep our club truly a 100% believer in our Foundation.  Our members have not only given something to TRF every year, but have also given at least $100 per member for the past two years.  We were the only club in the district (out of 59) to do this in 2014, and one of only two clubs in 2015.  Make your donations by simply paying the amount on your invoice, or go online to the RI Website and make your donation.

July 28 Meeting Notes

President Earl Crowe opened the meeting at 7 am with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and Milt Herman lead the Club Members with the In...