Tuesday, February 26, 2019

February 26 Meeting Notes

February 26 Meeting Notes


Regarding our club's possible change of venue, Kathleen went over how the walk through at Pybus went. The club will be deciding at a coming board meeting, but it seemed pretty favorable. 

The Rotary Foundation meeting scheduled for March 21 has been changed to Feb. 26.  This is a one-hour session on the Foundation basics for Presidents-elect, TRF committee chairs, and anyone else interested in the Foundation.  It starts at 6:00 pm at the Link office on Columbia Street

May 23-26th Ethan and Kaitlyn will be attending the RYLA Leadership Seminar in Canada. 

See the March birthdays and anniversaries in the right hand sidebar.

Brags and Confessions:

Jim Huffman's wife will be going into surgery to get a part of her colon removed so be sure to keep her in your thoughts.
Rebecca's daughter placed third overall in her gymnastics tournament.
Chris had a great time in Africa.
Erik had a slightly less fantastic time in Africa due to the fact the he stepped on a sea urchin and had to get spikes removed from his foot.
Kaitlyn is going back to school to complete her prerequisite classed for two years before attending mortuary school.
Ethan got a part time job working evening shifts as a security guard at Macy's on top of still working full time at Haglund's. 
Taro talked about his experience President-elects Training (PETS) and how the
Alaskan Rotarians know how to party. He also gave Earl a Lei to celebrate him going to Hawaii next year for his international convention.  Area 9 leaders at PETS.............


Chloe Crassos, the exchange student from Belgium, did a great job going over some key points about Belgium and the government that they have. Belgium has a population of 10.5 million people and shares a land border with 4 countries including France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. The largest city and capital of Belgium is Brussels. There are three official languages in Belgium, Dutch, French, and German. Apparently Belgium is world-famous for beer they have over 1100 varieties of beers that are made there. Chloe swears by the fact that they have the best chocolate in the world and was very exited that she received a care package from home with some in it.

 Erik & Kristin Holmberg and Chris& Holly McDarment gave away 1000 personal solar lights while they were in Africa.  Our club support this project with funding to purchase some of the lights.  Here are some pictures of them in action.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

February 19 Meeting Notes


The Rotary Foundation meeting scheduled for March 12 has been changed to March 21.  This is a one-hour session on the Foundation basics for Presidents-elect, TRF committee chairs, and anyone else interested in the Foundation.  It starts at 6:00 pm at the Link office on Columbia Street.

Milt Herman gave a brief history of our club that Leonard Noss prepared.  Our club celebrated our 33nd birthday this week (Feb. 17, 1986).

Carol Adamson announced that the "Nick's Bricks" event needs volunteers on Sat. March 2nd, from 10 am to 3 pm at Pybus Public Market. Volunteers will help the children with their Lego creations. There will probably be 2 shifts for volunteers. Point of Contact: Carol Adamson (jncadamson@gmail.com or 509-630-8562 cell).

Kathleen went over the comparisons of three venue options for our meetings: Pybus, Red Lion, and where we are now. There will be a walk through at Pybus at 11:00 Thursday for anyone interested in looking over that venue.  The club will be deciding at a coming meeting.

Brags and Confessions:

Kevin Love will celebrate his 66th trip around the sun on Friday, February 23rd.
Earl Crowe's daughter celebrated a birthday (same day as Jim and Carol's daughter).
Robin DeRock's hockey team is still NOT in last place.


Norma Gallegos, Coordinator of Hand-in-Hand Immigration Services gave a great program on the effort to get the many legal immigrants in our state to become citizens.  Norma started out as a bus driver, then to Head Start, then as a Family Community Adviser Coordinator.  She volunteered for 4 years with USCIS (United States Citizen and Immigration Service) before being selected to join with World Relief.  Norma works with immigrants and refugees in 14 churches and 8 schools in NCW.
The most recent naturalization ceremony was today (Feb. 20).

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

February 12th Meeting Notes


Due to the bad weather and heavy snows, only 11 hardy Rotarians attended the Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary Club meeting today.

The Wenatchee Wild Hockey game is Friday, Feb. 15, where our club will have a suite. We have some extra tickets that the club as already purchased. All tickets can be picked up at the Will Call window. For information, contact John Schapman (john.schapman@cdhd.wa.gov).

The Bike Ride Committee will have its meeting Tuesday, Feb. 12th at 5:30 pm at Bob's Burgers and Brews in East Wenatchee. Those on that committee should plan to attend. Contact Alan Walker (alanwalker1965@gmail.com or 509-929-1083).

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is being held April 12-13 in Wenatchee. Place is TBD. We have several club members that will be attending

Our next club meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19th will be a classification talk, and committee meetings. If time allows, the club's meeting venue will be discussed. A future meeting will feature members of the Public Relations/Social Media Committee discussing how to set up an account on the District 5060 website, and on Rotary International.

Jim Adamson announced that the "Nick's Bricks" event need volunteers on Sat. March 2nd, from 10 am to 3 pm at Pybus Public Market. Volunteers will help the children with their Lego creations. There will probably be 2 shifts for volunteers. Point of Contact: Jim Adamson (jncadamson@gmail.com or 509-630-8562 cell).

Brags and Confessions

Taro confessed he was late, when he really tried to be on time! He cleaned the snow off his vehicle and was under some trees that dropped snow all over him. He had to change clothes and therefore was late! Taro also attended Pre-PETS (President-Elect Training Seminar) in Ellensburg over the weekend and had to contend with the weather over Blewett Pass. At Pre-PETS, District Governor Elect Peter Schultz challenged the new President-Elects to "Make everything a little bit better"!

Jim Huffman shared a Chuck Norris joke: If you work in the same office, don't ask Chuck for the 3-hole punch!

President Lisa said her Apple Valley Gymnastics group had a competition with minimal attendance by gymnasts and judges due to the weather. She also said she has a new snow blower and needs lessons on how to operate it!


Fern Cousineau Duncan (portrayed by Bonnie Van Hoven), "People of Our Past", Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center


Fern spoke of her past, growing up in Wenatchee, and attending national and international art schools. She later became an art teacher, who make the crowns and tiaras for the Apple Blossom Queen and her Princesses. Fern and the other "People of Our Past" may be seen at presentations on Feb. 23rd and 24th at the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center.

Fern was the lucky winner of the weekly raffle.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 am.

Monday, February 11, 2019

February 5th Meeting Notes


We are coming up on the Wild Hockey game Friday, Feb. 15, where our club will have a suite.  $25 will get you in. Contact John Schapman with the number that will be attending (john.schapman@cdhd.wa.gov).

Brags and Confessions

Wayne had a great time at the follies this year.

Ruth had the pleasure of sleeping on her couch for a week.
Jim told another fantastic Chuck Norris joke (Thanks Earl).

John Schapman's wife is pregnant! 

Robin missed last weeks meeting but made up for it by doing make ups, she also hosted a small auction.


Steve Wright, General Manager - Chelan County Power

Steve talked about Strategic Planning for the Chelan PUD, and went over how the Vision / Challenge for the PUD is, "In a rapidly changing utility environment, they will provide : The Best Vaule for the Most People for the Longest Time". He spent time going over how they have lowered the debt ratio to below 35%, and the processes they go through in order to keep the rates for power as low as they can for the consumers.

Other Happenings

Women of Rotary had their inaugural meeting at Norwood' Wine Bar last Tuesday evening.
 Robin, Rebecca, Kathleen, and Carol were there from our club.  They will be repeating this event every couple of months.

Several of our members volunteered to man the Habitat for Humanity booth at the Town Toyota Center for the Home Show.  More members are not pictured that worked different shifts.

July 28 Meeting Notes

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