Thursday, May 30, 2019

May 28 Meeting Notes

June 25th is our presidential changeover dinner at Ridgeline Graphics.  Details to come, but reserve the evening for this event.  No morning meeting that day.

Speaking of changeover - Assistant Governor Carol Adamson introduced Karl Ruether (Leavenworth club), who will be taking over her position in July.  We'll be giving him a warm welcome whenever he visits our club over the next three years.

We received a "thank you" letter from the Moses Lake Medical Team, which we supported in their efforts abroad.

Brags & Confessions

Ruth thanked Taro's dad for mowing down the grass and weeds at the Habitat for Humanity lot.

Alan went mushroom hunting in the rain and brought back 4 pounds of Morels.

Joseph spend time at the Holmberg's place at Lake Chelan.

See June birthdays and anniversaries in the right hand column.


This week we had a club assembly to finalize plans for this weekend's Century Bike Ride.  Bike Chair Alan Walker reviewed all the things that have to be done before, during, and after the ride.
Registration starts Friday at 5:00 at Cycle Central, and resumes Saturday morning.  Meal and beer garden will be open from 11-5, with some entertainment throughout.  We need help cleaning up at 5.
Various groups then met to go over their duties.

Friday, May 24, 2019

May 21 Meeting Notes and Photos

Sign painting party at PJs.   So much rain that Milt almost didn't get his Miata up a couple of the muddy hills heading home.
Thanks to PJ, Kevin, Milt, Alan, and Mansour for building and painting over 20 new road signs for the bike ride.  Carol & Jim got there in time to wash the rollers.  Thanks to Cookie and PJ for providing a great barbecue dinner.

The Century Bike Ride is coming June 1.  Next week's' meeting will be dedicated to final preparation for the ride.  We hope everyone is signed up to help that weekend.

The Applesox team is looking for player host families from June 1 to mid-August.  Between games and practices, the boys' time in the homes are limited.  Free tickets to the games.  Contact Pete Blanksma if you are interested.

About 12 members attended the board retreat last Saturday, and had lots of ideas discussion.  Thanks to John and Betsy, and to Taro for lunch.

Thursday, May 30, at 2:00 will be the planting of our area Rotary Peace Pole, and a big tree in Rotary Park.  This will emphasize District Governor Sherry Chamberlain's desire to have a peace pole and something that helps preserve the environment (tree planting) in every community in the district.

We received a thank you from the Foothills Robotics Teams for our contribution to help them get to the world championships.

The club survey on our new meeting place and food service indicated a very good response.
     Pybus meeting room = 9.5 out of 10
     Food service = 8 out of 10 (any issues are being addressed)

Joseph went to New York with Kristin Holmberg for 4 days, and had a great time.  He shared some of the sites they took in.

Robin sold Rotary flags to members so we can "#wave the Rotary flag" on Twitter wherever we travel in the world.  Let's see if we can get some attention on Rotary as we have fun traveling.  Be looking for tweets from Germany soon.

Wayne showed us the plaid Rotary vests our district ordered. Most will be worn in Germany at the Hamburg Rotary International Convention. Modeled by Robin.

Brags & Confessions

Wayne helped bottle wine at Malaga Springs Winery last Saturday.

Ronin cut down and hauled a 22-year-old plum tree out of their yard, and is sore, but surviving.  She and Richard leave Thursday for Germany (tour and RI Convention).

Wayne and Taro (with spouses) leave for Germany next Thursday.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

May 14th Meeting Notes


Check out the new table cloth that advertises our bike ride.   

The Board approved Julie Cumaander for membership.  She is sponsored by Carol Adamson.

The Board also voted to make Ron Griffin an Honorary Member.  Ron has not been able to come to our meetings, but if people would pick him up, he may be ab;e to attend at times.

Check out the May birthdays and anniversaries in the right hand column.  Congrats to all of you.

June 25th will be the change over dinner - Time still pending.

June 22nd will be the HWY clean up - Talk to Matt to let him know you will be there.

May 16th will be a sign building and painting party for the bike ride at PJ's home from 4:00-7:00.  Directions: Go out Malaga/Alcoa Hwy, turn right on West Malaga Hwy (Three Lakes Golf Course), take a right on Hamlin, come to a "T" and go right on Joe Miller, take a left on Cathedral Rock, proceed 2.3 miles on a gravel road to PJ's.  He is about .8 miles past Malaga Springs Winery.

May 18th is a Board retreat at Ridgeline Graphics (downstairs in the house south of the back parking lot).  Anyone can attend, but let Taro know so he can get enough food.  The retreat starts at 7:30, and should be done at noon.

May 21st, is the next bike ride meeting - 5:30 at Bob's Classic in Wenatchee.

Brags and Confessions

Jim A. said that the 2nd Harvest food distribution was a success with about 9000 pounds of food being distributed and 216 families received food.

Bill McDowell went out and rode the loop trail.

Jill went to Florida to see her grandson's graduation.

PJ got lost while looking for the exchange students.

Joseph had a great time at the district conference. 


Foothills Middle School Robotics Team 
They have about 80 students currently in the program. With them consisting of two main teams. 
During the meeting they had us watch a video on what they presented while at the State competition. The following link will take you to the video.
They followed up the video with giving us a short presentation of how their robots operate.
The two teams competed in the World Championships in Louisville, KY, and won awards (see bottom picture).

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

2nd Harvest

Wednesday the Rotary sponsored 2nd Harvest food distribution took place in Wenatchee.  216 families were represented, which means the 9,000 pounds of food we brought in will be feeding  800 people for an extended period of time.  Each family got 3# of beef, a bag of potatoes, a bag of apples, a bag of pancake mix, 3 bags of cheesy rice, 2 boxes of Ritz Crackers, 4 cans of corn, 2 bags of cold cereal, and 2 loaves/bags of bread products.  Fifteen boxes were packed up for the Bruce Hotel residents.  Left over food was boxed and picked up by the Lighthouse Ministry.
Thanks to Jim & Carol, Wayne, Tana, Milt, and Kathleen for helping out.  Rotarians from East Wenatchee and Wenatchee also participated.  Our next food truck will be here September 8.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

May 7 meeting

Linda Haglund, Chair of the AB Youth Parade, was here to thank us for helping with being parade marshals along the route two Saturdays ago, and for the past ten years.

District Conference in Kamloops was a success.  Wayne and Robin gave us some of the highlights.  Included were a couple awards for our club and its members.  We were recognized for our contribution to the Hippo Roller project, which brought small water tanks that can be rolled to remote villages.
Wayne was recognized for exceptional and active service as district chair for promoting the International Convention in Hamburg.
Carol was recognized for exceptional and active service as an Assistant Governor for the past three years.

Craig Reese was our club's recipient of the "Be the Inspiration Award", given for efforts in peace and/or environmental concerns.  He has been involved with running Sister Connections in Burundi, and getting our club involved as well.

Thanks to Taro and son, and John Mc for parking cars during the parade last Saturday.  Their efforts raised $260 for our club.

Wayne passed around signup sheets for this summer's concerts at the Gorge.  There are several concerts we can work, and money goes to the club.

May 16 will be a sign building and painting party for the bike ride at PJ's home from 4:00-7:00.  Directions to come later.

May 18 is a Board retreat at Ridgeline Graphics.  Anyone can attend, but let Taro know so he can get enough food.  The retreat starts at 7:30, and should be done at noon.

Tuesday, May 21, is the next bike ride meeting - 5:30 at Bob's Classic in Wenatchee.

Lots of people with Brags & Confessions (mostly happy people sharing good things).  If you weren't there, you missed so many good ones.  Next week will be more of the same I'm sure.

Monday, May 6, 2019

April 30 Meeting Notes

President Lisa Parks brought the meeting to order at 7 a.m.


Wed., May 1, is the All-Service Club Luncheon at the Convention Center.  Cost is $25 per person.  Keynote speaker is Melissa Arias, who oversees the strategic direction and operations for Make-a-Wish Alaska and Washington.  Contact Carol Adamson if you missed the sign up sheet.  We will have two tables for our club.

District 5060 is holding the District Conference in Kamloops, BC from May 2-5. Several club members were attending.

Jim Adamson revealed the need for volunteers to help distribute food at the 2nd Harvest food truck on Wed. May 8th at 11 a.m. at the Community Center. The work party should be over by 1 pm.

Alan Walker announced that PJ Jones was holding a Build-A-Sign work party on Thurs. May 16th at his house which is .8 miles past Malaga Springs Winery. Meet there at 3 pm to build new sandwich board signs and repair old signs for the Century Bike Ride.

Alan Walker also announced the "Ride The Route" fellowship outing on Sun. May 19th. Time is TBD. We will ride in a van or caravan in cars along the 100 miles of the Century Bike Ride. Food and refreshments are possible.

Again, Alan Walker announced the next Bike Ride Meeting is on Tues. May 21st at Bob's Classic-Wenatchee at 5:30 p.m. This is the last BIG meeting before our Apple Century Bike Ride on June 1st.

Matt Eastman said the Spring Highway Cleanup work party was still be cleared through the WSDOT. Stay tuned for more details.

On Sat., May 4th, Ridgeline Graphics will allow  Apple Blossom Grand Parade parking on their properties. They're charging $5/car and the club's General Fund gets all the money collected. Contact John McDarment if you want to volunteer for a couple hours work.

See May birthdays and anniversaries in the right hand panel.

Brags & Confessions:

-Joel Banken told the club about  the next Inbound Youth Exchange student from Switzerland who will be arriving soon.

-Jim Huffman told a joke about Chuck Norris and potatoes that brought a couple of giggles.
-Joseph and his partner almost winning the championship in tennis. Out of 750 players they came in second!
-Jim Richardson was back from Olympia where the legislative session ended early. Wenatchee Valley College was granted $30M for a WVC building project. They received a very large operating budget, as well.
-Bill McDowell said he was 9 weeks into his new knee, and was now playing tennis.
-Tana Nichols said her daughter will be in the Apple Blossom Festival Grand Parade on Saturday, May 4th.
-Lisa Parks said that Douglas County got $4M in funding for the sewer extension out to the planned development call Wenatchee Landing in East Wenatchee.
-John McDarment attended the Leavenworth Rotary Club's auction over the weekend, and saw Jim and Carol Adamson there.
-Erik Holmberg and his wife Kristen hosted the prom couples in their home. They now have our Youth Exchange student Joseph staying with them until the end of the school year.
-Wayne Massing helped with a garage sale on Friday and had high winds blowing over sale items. He and his wife volunteered to marshal the Apple Blossom Youth Parade and were again subject to high winds.

Sargent at Arms:

-Wayne Massing was fined for loosing the top for the President's lectern. (It was in a Rubbermaid container in the club's Ohme Garden storage locker.)
-Jim Huffman was fined for being in a Wenatchee World newspaper article describing his 4th term as Douglas County Port Commissioner.


Keni Sturgeon, Executive Director of Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center spoke to the club. She moved to Wenatchee from Oregon, where she said there was less pollen! When she asked how many club members were museum members, she was shocked to see so many. Lots of them had visited within the last few years.
Keri said the museum's goals were: 1) Igniting Curiosity, 2) Fueling Excitement for Discovery, and 3) Fostering Critical Thinking Through Community-Connected Conversations.
Igniting Curiosity-She describe a box containing a mysterious object. As a young girl, she had to reach into the box and feel the object, then identify it.
Fueling Excitement for Discovery-Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and the King Tut exhibit both created excitement.
Fostering Critical Thinking Through Community-Connected Conversations-Programs like Runaways & Throwaways helped give recognition to community challenges with homeless youth.
Keni also talked about the Maker Space in the basement of the museum that has a robotics lab for children. Robots are built and entered into competitions. All school children get into the library for free.
Recently the WVM&CC was designated a non-profit organization, allowing it to have some new strategic planning sessions. One of the main advantages of being a museum member is the reciprocity agreement with other national museums. 
The lobby of the museum has an extensive book selection covering local history. Queen's Court has many of the Apple Blossom Queens and Princesses' gowns and crowns. This year the museum will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing. Many geological and cultural bus tours are available during the year.
President Lisa Parks presented Keri with a children's book that will be donated to the North Central Washington Regional Library in her name.

Pot Draw:

Wayne Massing was the big winner of $4 with the spin of the wheel!

Meeting was adjourned at 8 a.m.

July 28 Meeting Notes

President Earl Crowe opened the meeting at 7 am with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and Milt Herman lead the Club Members with the In...