Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary Club's Holiday Party 2019

Holiday Party

Rebecca Lyons welcomed the club members and their families, along with our Youth Exchange Student Adele. Rebecca thanked John and Betsy McDarment for allowing the club to use Ridgeline Graphics for the party. She also thanked party organizer Ruth Dagg, set up crew Kevin Love, and Master of Ceremonies Erik Holmberg. After a short Holiday benediction, the buffet dinner from Ring-A-Bell Catering commenced. Thanks to Kathleen McNalty for providing the special Christmas cocktail and campaign glasses.

After dinner, Jim Adamson detailed how the Dessert Dash was to happen. Each of the six tables would put their table's donations into the envelope on that table. All the envelopes were collected and individually totaled. The table with the most donations would be allowed to run to the dessert table (30 seconds) and choose a dessert for their tables to enjoy. All the funds collected would be put into the Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary Club's Salisbury Fund. Remaining desserts were then auctioned off. Around$1000 was collected from the Dessert Dash and subsequent auction!

After dessert was finished, MC Erik Holmberg invited our Youth Exchange Student Adele to open a package from under the tree from our club.  She received a Wenatchee High School fleece blanket. Other gifts donated to Adele were given to her to take home to put under her host family's tree to open later!

The White Elephant gift exchange followed, with 31 gifts being exchanged, and re-exchanged! A good time was had by all!!


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