Thursday, September 28, 2017

September 26th Meeting Notes


  • Elza went to Lake Chelan.  She also went to a Mariner's game.  Last weekend was her first performance as an Applette.
  • There will be a costume party on Sunday, October 29th from 5:30-8:30 p.m.  Wear a costume or be fined $25.00 (all proceeds go to Small Miracles).  Kathleen's House, Family welcome!
  • The next club social is October 11th at Riverside Pub at 5:30 p.m.

Brags and Confessions:
  • Danae Fowler missed the last couple meetings due to back pain.
  • Chris McDarment realized he is a Harvey Mudd fan but not a great one because he isn't sure when exactly they won or lost their games.
  • Erik Holmberg missed a meeting.  His wife's grandma turned 100!
  • Alan Walker's Daughter and Son-in-Law returned from a trip to Denmark and Switzerland.

  • One of our Rotary Scholars, Alex Rodriguez, came today to speak about his trip to Nicaragua.  He is currently in his second year at University of Washington and will be graduating next year.  He hopes to go on to Medical School.  He had a great time and Nicaragua and it really helped him realize how much he wants to be a medical professional.  He hopes to come back to Wenatchee to practice.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Elza dances at the Panther game

As part of the football halftime show, the Applettes drill team performed a dance routine.  Our Elza is part of the team, and did a great job.  Check our the short clip (Elza is 2nd from the left).

Friday, September 22, 2017

September 19th Notes


  • Elza is a new applette for Wenatchee High School!
  • The Blue Cups are still going towards Hurricane Relief
  • Save the Date for Make a Difference Day on October 28th.  We will be doing the Hwy litter clean up project
  • District Assembly is the weekend of October 28th
  • We are adjusting our contract with the Red Lion and there will be a sitting fee for everyone attending.  Those who want breakfast will be able to go to the buffet in the restaurant.
  • Updates on Rotary Scholars: AJ works at Fresh in Leavenworth and Jasmine works at Alma's Cafe
  • The Fellowship & Small Projects Committee is meeting on Friday, October 27th at 3:30 at Tastebuds
  • We need volunteers for the Apple Bowl Concessions on Friday, October 27th at 6:00 p.m.
  • There is a Costume Party planned for Sunday, October 29th around 5:00- families welcome!
  • Wayne updated the group on the four bylaw changes and all passed a club vote

Brags and Confessions:

  • Earl Crowe's daughter, Emma, turned 16.  She will be attending a mission trip in Haiti.
  • Callie Klein attended the Wellness Place Gala which was themed with the Love Boat and 50K was raised for the fight against cancer!
  • Jim Adamson threw in $1.00 because he always gets fined for being a Coug!
  • Kevin Love spent 12 days in the San Juans with his wife and they got a nice close up view of a whale.
  • Carol Adamson said that Jenny is just super busy right now getting ready for the Maker's Faire.

Classification Talks:

Today we had a special treat today with a Father/Son Classification talk.  Chris and John McDarment.  They had several family members there and it is was a treat to have Chris and John go back and forth and talk about each other.  Also, Chris joined the ranks of other family Rotarians and became a Paul Harris Fellow

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September 12 Notes


The picnic at Utigard's orchard has been cancelled due to smoke and not being allowed to have a fire.

We will be having our monthly PUB Social at Riverside PUB (538 Riverside Dr) on Wednesday (13th) from 5:30 on.  Spouses welcome.

Our Blue Cup donations are going to help the victims in the areas affected by the hurricanes.

Bill McDowell's wife, Pat, passed away Sunday.  Keep Bill in your prayers.

Make-a-Difference Day project will be the highway cleanup on October 28.  More details to come.

Bike ride meeting at Bob's Burger and Brew at 6:00, Monday, Sept. 18.

The Board will be proposing a new policy starting after our Red Lion contract ends.  The meeting will be a beverage service only, with members paying a sitting fee to cover labor costs and beverages. Those who want breakfast can use the buffet in the cafeteria, and pay about $7 at the cashier's stand there.

The small projects/social committee (Ruth and Kathleen) will be setting up a meeting soon.  One of the events on the schedule is working at the Town Toyota for the Nov. 22 Wild hockey game.  We will be selling 50-50 raffle tickets and chuck-a-puck chances as a small fundraiser.

Brags & Confessions

  • Jim Huffman reported that his brother-in-law survived Irma, but has water and no power.
  • Erik Holmberg told of his father-in-law passing away on his 80th birthday hike.
  • PJ said that Cookie broke her ankle in a ladder fall.
  • John Schapman's oldest son started pre-school, and he (John) turned 35.
  • Jerry Karney had a gourmet dinner at Kathleen's home by purchasing an auction item at the Weantchee Rotary Club auction a few months ago.
  • Rebecca is back from Hong Kong and the family has adopted a new dog.


Dorry Foster, CEO of the Wenatchee YMCA, talked about her background of YMCA service, which started in 1999, and the state of the organization.  Her goal was to expand the culture of philanthropy. The Y is offering more youth scholarships, and allowing adults to work to help pay for the dues. They are also offering free babysitting, new exercise equipment, and unlimited guest passes for members.  They will be working on a capital improvement plan for the 107 year-old building, and hope to renovate instead of building a new facility.  They would also like to have more collaboration with other agencies, and broaden services outside the building.

So far in 2017, 2390 children have been served, with 1296 scholarship needed.  They have had an increase in membership, more YMCA campers, started 8 new programs, and 6 new collaborations (CVCH, WSU Extension, Land Trust, etc).  The main service goals of the YMCA are youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

Family of Rotary

September Birthdays:  Milt Herman, Jill Courtney, John Schapman, Don Sangster, Bertha Goehner, Taro Masuda, Jason Underwood, Erin McCool, & Kathy Hamilton

September Anniversaries:  Erin McCool (Paul), Joel Banken (Julie), Ron Griffith (Marilyn), Bobby Black (Brooke), John Schapman (Jennifer), David Barshes (Eloise), & Alan Walker (Kelly)

Erik Holmberg's father-in-law passed away over Labor Day weekend.

Bill McDowell's wife Pat, passed away Sunday.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

September 5th Meeting


The Wenatchee High School Mariachi Band is headed to Washington D.C. to perform in front of Congress.  That are raising money to help send all the kids.  If you would to contribute, click here.

PJ is our Rotarian of the Month!  Thank you for all you do for the club, PJ!

Save the Date:  Make a Difference Day is October 28th.  We will be doing the Highway Litter Clean-Up and can use many hands to make it happen!

Bike Ride Meetings:  Bike Ride Meetings will be held once a month on the 3rd Monday of the month at Bobs Burgers and Brews in East Wenatchee.  5:30ish.  All are welcome!

Brags and Confessions:

Erin McCool celebrated her 10th Wedding anniversary camping.  From their vantage point they were able to see 3 major fires.

Renee Parkins is starting her new job as Marketing Director of the Humane Society.

PJ went to Bozeman to visit his Mom who is getting along quite happily.  He also reunited with his son after several months.

Lisa Parks is finishing up the irrigation at her house on Sunday (tomorrow) and would love some help!

Alan Walker's mom headed to Texas and the kids are headed to Denmark.

Jane Davis is a new aunt.

Jill Courtney is celebrating a birthday!

John McDarment's son was visiting from Miami Beach


Today we were visited by Chris Bailey from the Cayman Island Rotary Group.  He was speaking to us about the Guatemala Literacy Project.

The next trip is coming up in February and there will be two groups:  February 3-11 and 20-25.

The Literacy Project focuses on educating Guatemalan girls to be able to become employed and help their families.  You can sponsor a girl for around $70.00 per month.

To learn more or sponsor a student, click here.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

August 29th Meeting Notes


Save the Date!  September 16th is the Barbeque at Utigard's Orchard.  Families and friends are welcome.  Camping is available is needed.  Meat will be provided but please bring a dish according to the following:
A-G:  Salad
H-N:  Side Dish
O-Z:  Dessert
Also, it is BYOB.  The BBQ will happen around 3 but everyone is welcome anytime!

Our next club social is September 13th at the Riverside Pub.  5:30.  Bring a friend!

We have a new inductee!  Welcome Danae to the club! Danae is a financial manager at Numerica Credit Union.  She lives with her St. Bernard puppy and two cats, and enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and family. Pictured at right.

Last call for anyone who wants to go to Nicaragua with the Stove Building team.  Contact Erin.

The money in the blue cups will be sent down the the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Brags and Confessions:

Pete celebrated his 28th anniversary.

Chris went to the Seahawks game.

Robin went camping, picked blackberries and made a WHOLE lot of blackberry syrup.  Also, it is only 35 days (31 now....) until NHL season opens.

Jerry went to Neah bay and limited out with 35 rock fish, 8 ling cod, 9 coho and 1 king.

Fresh from Cotia! (pronounced co-chee-a)

Our new exchange student is here!  Elza joined us on Tuesday and is an absolute ray of sunshine!  She also had to give an impromptu talk to the group today when the planned program didn't work out.  She answered a bunch of our questions and was so sweet.  She keeps claiming her English isn't very good but you would never know it.  She is working on a list of things she would like to do while she is here but if you have any fun ideas, be sure and take her out.  She will be staying with Brian's family for the next bit so contact him if you want to get a hold of her.

And just for fun.....

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