Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Meeting Notes - Oct 8, 2019

Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary Club
2019-2020 First Quarter Accomplishments:
- Habitat for Humanity work party
- Awarded “Spouse of the Year” to Julie Banken
- Awarded “The Rotarian who Connects the World” to Wayne Massing
- Fund Raiser – parking cars at the 4th of July event netted $2200
- Presented 2 club members with Rotary Youth Leadership Award training in Penticton, BC
- Fund Raiser – selling beer at The Gorge Amphitheater netted $3071
- Welcomed Adele our Youth Exchange Student from Switzerland
- Hosted family BBQ at Utigard Orchard
- Helped dedicate the new, 2nd picnic shelter at Rotary Park in Wenatchee
- Helped Sage Hills Church with clean up of Westside High School student event
- Club members donated $450 for clothing school kids. The board voted to match the funds
- Club volunteers cleaned up Elaine Church’s yard and painted her deck
- Club sent Zachery Banken to India as a Youth Exchange Student
- Club members donated used reading and prescription glasses to Milt Herman for his Moses Lake     Medical Team
- The club donated $1000 to the 2nd Harvest food distribution program
- Club members and spouse helped distribute food for 2nd Harvest food truck
- The club donated $1000 to the Moses Lake Medical Team for their Central America project
- The club donated $500 to the Haiti Clean Water Project (HANWASH)


Adele, our Swiss Rotary Youth Exchange student, gave a brief report about a trip to Yakima where she saw a friend. She admits she's a bit homesick right now. A Halloween Party are in her plans this month and she will attend with a friend.

Thursday, Oct. 24, is World Polio Awareness Day.  We are having an area wide potluck at the Senior Activity Center on Maple St., 6:00 pm to 9 pm. $5/person, or $15/family.  This is a good time to socialize with fellow Rotarians from our club, and the other clubs in town.  A member of a local Rotary club will match up to $26,000 raised in our district.  The Gates Foundation will match that total 2 to 1, giving a potential gift of $156,000 to The Rotary Foundation's polio eradication program. That will translate to thousands of kids who can be immunized around the world.  Let's see if we can get at least 20 members plus family, to this event. Since it is a potluck dinner, A-H bring a main dish, I-P bring a side dish and Q-Z bring a salad. Bring your own beverages. Wine/beer are okay.

Thursday, Oct. 24, is World Polio Awareness Day.  Pete Van Well, from the Wenatchee Rotary Club, asked for club members to join his club in front of KPQ Radio on North Wenatchee Avenue to collect donations for the End Polio Now campaign. 7 am to Noon.

Service Project-Past - PJ Jones thanked President Taro Masuda, Milt Herman, Ruth Dagg, Matt Eastman (and his son), Dave Freimuth, and Wayne Massing for helping with the Saturday yard clean up at Ron Griffith's home. The project was completed so quickly that the group went over to the Habitat for Humanity house on Wilson Street to clear brush and tree limbs from blocking the sidewalk.

Bike Ride Committee Meeting: Alan Walker announced the first Bike Ride meeting, Tues. Oct. 15th, 5:30 - 7pm at the Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council, 630 Lewis St., Wenatchee.
Service Project-Future - PJ Jones said that our club's Make A Difference Day project is a clean-up of the area around the Senior Center on Maple Street on Sat. Oct. 26th. Time and tools to be announced later. Put it on your calendar. If you haven't volunteered for awhile, make this easy one!

Breakfast: Kathleen McNalty, Club Treasurer, announced that Adrian, our breakfast provider, had contacted her and said he was going out of business. Pastries and some delicious breakfast sandwiches were provided today from Glaze Bakery! The price is still the same for members choosing to eat at the meeting.

Brags & Confessions

Chris McDarment bragged about his wine tasting in Walla Walla.

Alan Walker bragged about his beer tasting in Georgetown, and being on the road for the last few meetings.

Lisa Parks, Past Club President, said she had accepted a job at a consulting company in Seattle, but was moving to live in Olympia, Washington. A long commute! She is looking at joining one of the two Rotary Clubs in Olympia. Alan Walker thanked Lisa for her work on the "Our Valley, Our Future" project.

PJ Jones attended the Alatheia Riding Academy's fund raising dinner. Over $325k was raised for operating expenses. Another fundraiser in the future will be for their new building and grounds. Several other club members also attended.

Robin De Rock said the National Hockey League has started playing, and her team was already loosing!


Carin Smith, Wenatchee Rotary Club, gave a presentation on her club's HANWASH (Haiti National Clean Water, Sanitation and Health Strategy) project. Wenatchee Rotary Club's first involvement was after the 2010 earthquake that destroyed much of the water and sanitation facilities there. Her club initially made water filters using plastic buckets and small filters for several schools. Later, in 2014, the club designed and installed a larger water filter for hundreds of people. Over 50% of the water and sanitation facilities still don't function. Past District 5060 District Governor Sherry Chamberlain will visit Haiti during early November, 2019. Past Rotary International President Barry Rassin lives in the Caribbean, and also has a hand in this HANWASH project. Over $15k was raised for an engineering study, and more funds are being sought. For more information, go to www.hanwash.org
Club President Taro Masuda said the club was donating a book to the North Central Regional Library, Children's Library, in Carin's name. The book was called "The Water Hole", appropriately. 

Pot Draw
Pete Van Well took home $30 for having the winning number!

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